Pleasure Pairing: Way Down Deep

Way Down Deep by Charlotte Stein & Cara McKenna

June’s Pleasure Pairing reminds me of my college days when I flirted shamelessly with strangers in AOL chat rooms. Way Down Deep by Charlotte Stein & Cara McKenna is a modern version, where two strangers meet over an accidental text message that leads into so much more.

Way Down Deep by Charlotte Stein & Cara McKenna

We’ve all sent a text to the wrong person. But what if this person pulls you out of the darkness and brings light back into your life? I won’t say too much about this book so I don’t give too much away. Let’s just say that as our hero and heroine continue to text, they dig deep into their soul and find an attraction that leads to very, very erotic text messages.

Warning: grab some tissues when you read this emotional romance!

Sexy Excerpt

In the hurried worked of WTFs and LOL, these characters type out every single word of their fears, love, and lust. Here a series of texts from our hero:

I’ve got more I could tell you. Darker shadows to illuminate, but I’ll let context lead us there in time.

So easily I could send you a picture. Of my face. Of my cock. A video. I could call you, hear your voice and let you hear mine.

But we’re not going to do that, are we? We haven’t yet, and we won’t, I can feel it. I can tell from the way we text. How we take turns, and take our time with these pseudo letters. Something about this is so exactly right as it is. Like we’re two ghosts whispering in the darkness.

So tell me where I am. In your bed, on your floor? Kneeling before you, looming above, lounging across your covers or lashed to your bedposts? Still dressed or stripped bare? Don’t leave anything out. Don’t hold back. Tell me everything.

It’s sexting times one million.

Pleasure Pairing

At first I wasn’t sure what to pair with an erotic romance told entirely in text messages. However, Way Down Deep reminded me how sensual dirty talk could be.  As the heroine read the text messages above, I’d like to think that she imagined his voice whispering those sexy words right into her ears. And how she uses his words to self-pleasure.

Because of that, I’m pairing Way Down Deep with the Vibease remote control vibrator. This vibe is as innovative as the book it’s paired with. There’s so many exciting ways to play with this toy, I need to break out the bullet points:

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You can take sexting to the next level! Send a sexy text and your partner can send you a buzz in return!

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