The Scoop on Bawdy Bookworms: What is a #BawdyBookBox?

What's a Bawdy Bookworms Box? #BawdyBookBox

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It’s a well known secret that smart women enjoy reading romance and erotica. We whisper about it among our friends, giggle at the cheesy dialogue, and get hot and bothered by the sexy scenes. As soon as we finish one book, we want more!

Bawdy Bookworms is here to fuel the fire with our goody boxes and virtual book club. We love sexy hunks and smart, sassy heroines too!


“What makes this box incredible – attention to detail.” (from review at The Black Pomegranate)


What is a #BawdyBookBox?

Ride 'Em Cowboy Fall 2016 Bawdy Bookworms Box


Bawdy Book Box is a subscription box meets virtual book club. We know that smart women want well-written romances and erotica. Hot sex scenes are absolutely mandatory. It’s the first quarterly subscription box that pairs steamy romance books with sensual bedroom accessories. Yes, we mean sex toys. We like to call them Pleasure Pairings.

“I can think of a number of games one could play with the toys!”
(review by Redheadedgirl on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books)


What’s in a Bawdy Book Box?

Each Bawdy Book Box will contain one smokin’ hot romance or erotica book, a sexy adult toy, and an additional 2-3 surprises to feed your mind and body. (Don’t worry, if you’ll need batteries, we’ve got that covered too.)

As a bonus, all Bawdy Bookworms (that’s you!) will have access to our discussion forums aka our virtual book club. No more worrying that your grandma or colleague will see your status update about Mr. Sexy’s escapades. Come over and join other smart, sexy women talk about our books and vibrators. 

We can’t wait to share our favorite stories and adult goodies with you!

Grab your Bawdy Book Box now!

Bawdy Bookworms Stranger Games Box

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