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5 Sex Toys Every Beginner Needs

Suggestive carrot inside donut.

This post contains affiliate links. What are the best sex toys for beginners? We get this question often–and it’s a good one! We love that so many of you are interested in trying out sex toys. However, with so many different toys available, choosing one or two can be overwhelming and intimidating. Playing with sex toys should be […]

If My Cone Dies, I’ll Be Heartbroken (Guest Post)

The Cone Vibrator

Today we have a guest post from Jocelyn Adler author of Bad Decisions the second book in her Smart Sexy Nerds series. She shares why The Cone is her most favorite toy of all time. (This post contains affiliate links) Can I tell you a little story?  Yes?  Okay, good. When I was in college (so… around the […]

7 Cutest, Most Adorable Vibrators For Magical Happy Endings

Cutest Vibrators

I think we can all agree that vibrators are pretty magical. But why do most of them look so, well, boring? No, putting a little rabbit on it doesn’t automatically make a vibrator cute. Don’t forget all the sex toys that emulate wieners. Is it too much to want to get our jollies on without thinking […]

7 Waterproof Vibrators That Will Make You Sing in the Shower

This post contains affiliate links. A shower is more than for cleaning your body. Relaxing under the warm water allows us some alone time, come up with new ideas, and fantasize. The bath or shower is ideal some more orgasmic stress relief. Admit, you’ve masturbated in the shower. While a handheld shower head can be […]

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