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Chat with Elia Winters on Kink & Romance!

Chat with Elia Winters

Elia Winters Live Video Chat Alert We’re so thrilled to announce that Elia Winters will be joining us this month to chat about kink! We first introduced you to her with our Pleasure Pairing of Purely Professional, where a journalist befriends a super hot professor–who happens to be a Dom–in order to learn more about […]

9 Romance Books to Explore Your Kinky Side

Let’s bust the kink myth. Especially since our Hurts So Good Bawdy Bookworms Box is kink themed. Basically, kink is any sexual practices, concepts, or fantasies that isn’t part of the social norm. If you want to get technical, anything outside of missionary, heterosexual monogamous sex is considered kink. While I’m all for missionary sex, […]

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