8 Steamy Romance Anthologies That Will Leave You Hot & Bothered

Woman in short skirt holding book

Woman in short skirt holding book

As someone who suffers from “just one more chapter” syndrome and end up stay up until 2AM to turn the last page, anthologies have been my answer to more sleep. The short stories and novella have a finite number of pages, which means I can finish it in one sitting. And hopefully get some sleep.

If you’ve never read an anthology, you’re missing out. Each one is a buffet of themed stories that you can sample or read straight through. Anthologies are also a good way to read a new-to-you author without investing time in a full-length book.

Not sure where to start? With the help of some friends, I’ve gathered a list of steamy romance and erotica anthologies. With themes centered around fairy tales,  nerds, shifters, and more; you’ll find something that will tickle your fancy panties.

Just make sure you have fresh batteries in your vibrator before you dig in.

8 Steamy Romance Anthologies

Glamour: Contemporary Fairytale Retellings

Glamour contains eight contemporary retellings of western fairy tales. Who can resist naughty version of “Red Riding Hood” in A.L. Jackson’s “Red Hot Pursuit.” New-to-me author Sierra Simone’s “Music Box Girl” is exceptionally filthy hot.

Rogue Desire Anthology

Resistance is the theme of Rogue Desire anthology. Resistance has different meanings for each person, which means there’s a variety of romances in this collection. Some stories, like “Deep Throat” by Dakota Gray and “Truth, Love, and Sushi” are set in Washington, Dc.  “Personal Disaster” by Ainsley Booth takes us to the mountains when a journalists tracks down a reclusive, but sexy park ranger.

Covalent Bonds (Red Moon Anthologies Book 3)

My inner geek had to one-click Covalent Bonds, an anthology about geeks who fall hard for each other. Some would rather watch Dr. Who marathons together than go clubbing, like in “The Hacked Match” by Wendy Sparrow. Others profess their love over a Dungeons & Dragon game in “Critical Hit” by Cori Vidae. If you speak geek, this anthology is for you.

On Fire Erotic Romance Stories

If you’re short on time or want to turn up the heat to scorching hot, make sure you check out On Fire: Erotic Romance Stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. These bite sized short stories explore the passion between couples. To lovers reunite in “Paradise”  by Jade A. Waters in an urgent, explosive coupling. “Every Second of It” by Lyn Townsend reminds us that making love to a long time partner never, ever gets boring.

His Animal Instinct More Tales of Wild Pleasure

Dip your toe into gay paranormal romances with His Animal Instinctan anthology of sexy shifters. In Tavia Lark’s “A Game of Cat and Wolf,” a cat shifter meets his a hot alpha wolf at a nightclub. An omega lawyer has trouble controlling his shifting, but his alpha boss is happy to help in “The Omega’s Reluctant Alpha” by Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae.

Hot Zone Sexy Sports Romance

Does the thought of a sweaty sports player turn you on? Then Hot Zone is for you. You’ll find a sexy snowboarder in “Snowslammer” by Lilly Christine and a seductive Italian race car driver in “Racing with the Enemy” from Tamara Lush. I love that this book highlight sports we might not consider mainstream.

Hotel: Erotica Anthology

What happens behind the closed door of an anonymous room? In this collection of erotic short stories, Hotel, edited by Megan Lewis, explores how this space can become a playground for lovers of all types.

Forbidden Contemporary Romance Anthology

When something is not allowed or taboo, they become more irresistible. The Forbidden anthology explores hidden desires like student-teacher relationships, a dangerous mafia prince, or the forbidden fruit of a handsome stepbrother. Are you ready for these scandalous fantasies?

Now that you’re hot and bothered, you might want to pick up one of these.

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