7 Steamy Beach Reads That Will Melt Your Panties

Mister O on the Beach

Mister O on the Beach

Summer is (unofficially) here. That means time to don your sunglasses, pour a frosty drink, and relax with a good book. But not just any book. We’re talking about steamy beach reads that will melt your panties. Or make them wet.

Yessss, baby, we’re talking super sexy, super dirty, naughty romances that will give you a lady boner. Thank goodness lady boners aren’t visible like the guy version.

Before I went on my cruise, I asked my Bawdy Bookworms community to share their favorite beach reads. They did not disappoint. Get your one-click finger ready.

Steamy Beach Reads That Will Make Your Panties Melt

Mister O by Lauren Blakely

Mister O by Lauren Blakely Filled with dirty talk and mind-blowing orgasms, this book (and Nick) lives up to its (his) name. Not to mention plenty of laugh out loud moments. Cartoonist Nick has everything he’s ever wanted: a raunchy animated cartoon titled Mister O, a gorgeous apartment, and the best shower ever. Everything except Harper, his best friend’s sister. He tries to keep his distance–until she asks him to teach her on the art of dating.

Book Boyfriend by Claire Kingsley

Book Boyfriend by Claire Kingsley: We romance readers joke about book boyfriends,but Alex might be the real deal. Mia, an awkward book addict, falls hard for this fun, romantic, possessive, and panty-melting man. The perfect in real life book boyfriend. Except Alex has a secret: he’s a male romance writer with a female pen name.

Bedroom Games by Alisha Rai

Bedroom Games Series by Alisha Rai: These 3 novellas follow jewelry designer Tatiana and billionaire Wyatt as they rekindle their romance with dirty games and plenty of sex. Even if the two have a tough time reconciling their past, they can’t ignore the sparks between them. Spoiler: they don’t.

Lip Service by Simone Sowood

Lip Service by Simone Sowood A fellow Bawdy Bookworm recommended this one because it’s a book “with all the feels and steam.” She’s talking my language! Single dad Avery has one rule when it comes to dating: no relationships and no screwing anyone his kid knows. We all know rules were made to be broken, right?

Saved by the Woodsman by Eddie Cleveland

Saved by the Woodsman by Eddie ClevelandI haven’t read this one yet, but damn, look at that cover! Opposites always attract, especially when woodsman Sawyer (hehehe, woodsman) and spoiled, media princess Ashley are snowed in a cabin together. Sounds so steamy, they might melt the snow!

Anaconda by Lauren Landish

Anaconda by Lauren Landish:This title makes me think of Baby Got Back: “My anaconda don’t want know unless you got buns, hun!” Obviously our hero is well-endowed in the pants department. This sounds like a really fun, wild read! Perfect for the pool.

DILF by Alexis Angel

DILF by Alexis Angel: I had two different Bawdy Bookworms recommend this book. That means it’s a good one. This book has a little catnip for everyone: sexy single dad, a secret baby, and hot, naughty sexy times. Talk about lady boner.

Those 7 (10 if you count the 3 book series) steamy beach reads should be enough to last a day or two, right? That means we’ll need more, so hit me up with your super sexy, super naughty romances or erotica!

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