6 Cookbooks To Will Set Your Loins On Fire

two sexy cupcakes

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two sexy cupcakes

Don’t feel like jostling for elbow room at restaurants crowded with couples on Valentine’s Day? Try cooking for a date night in.

The hot kitchen. Rich, velvety sauces. Bending over to open the oven. Licking the batter off each other fingers. Cooking with your lover can an intimate experience–foreplay even. As long as the only things on fire are your loins. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together a list sizzling, sexy cookbooks. Gather your ingredients, put on a sexy apron, and get cooking!

Fifty Shades of Chicken cookbook

Fifty Shades of Chicken by FL Fowler (surely a pen name) is a hilarious yet sexy take on cooking chicken. This Fifty Shades of Grey will make you chuckle and your mouth water simultaneously. Follow along as Miss Chicken starts her thrilling journey of becoming the main course. Inside you’ll find recipes for vanilla chicken (roast chicken with brandy-vanilla butter), hot rubbed hen (roast chicken with harissa, preserved lemons, chickpeas, and mint), and chicken with a lardon (roasted chicken with bacon and sweet paprika).

Did we mention it’s accompanied with half naked men cooking? Sold.

Fork Me Spoon Me by Amy Reiley

Fork Me, Spoon Me by aphrodisiac specialist Amy Reiley features the world’s most potent aphrodisiacs. You’ll learn a little bit of history about ingredients such as almonds, chile, figs, and saffron accompanied by recipes to mix and match for a three (or more) course meal. Tasty sounding concoctions featured are morning after fig scones with fresh cream, hard tacos with hot guacamole, and love linguine with almond pesto.

The New InterCourses cookbook

The New InterCourses by Martha Hopkins & Randall Lockridge is more than a cookbook. This coffee table worthy book is filled with sensual photography and playful takes on classic dishes. Aphrodisiacs featured include classics such as chocolate and oyster and less known ones like pine nuts and asparagus. You’ll want to test out recipes like easy strawberry empanadas or braised beef short ribs with black mission figs. The book also includes appendices that pair aphrodisiac ingredients with astrological signs and how to make your own massage oils.

Intimacy On The Plate by Olga Petrenko

Intimacy On The Plate by Olga Petrenko offers a slightly different take on aphrodisiacs. She shares which ingredients are best for men and how other ingredients are more effective on women. Her recipes lean more on seafood and vegetables. Some interesting ones include cold mushroom tangerine mood appetizer, high spirits squid salad, and caramel goat cheese corn salad.

The Seduction Cookbook by Diane Brown

The Seduction Cookbook by Diane Brown offers delicious recipes to seduce your lover as well as creative tips for a night in plus the morning after. Brown uses her recipes to help you focus on intensifying passion with tasty anticipation. Recipes include crab cakes with pink grapefruit sauce, honey roasted belgian endives, and ricotta hot cakes with strawberry topping (for the morning after munchies).

X-Rated Cocktails by Kirsten Amann

You can’t have a romantic dinner without libations. Grab  X-Rated Cocktails by Kirsten Amann so you can create your very own Dirty Virgin, Over-the-Pants Hand Job, Red Hot Lover and other sexy drinks.

Do you have a favorite sexy cookbook or recipe?

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