Sex Toys For Your Poke-a-Dex

Frogs in bed

Come and catch’em all

Pokemon are everywhere. You’ve found Rattatas on their dinner table, Zubats in their yards, and Jigglypuffs at the park through the new mobile game.

I wondered which of these strangely adorable creatures we would hatch inside our pleasure chests and bedside drawer?

With a bit of research in my Poke-a-Dex, I uncovered some sex toys that channel the essence of our most endeared Pokemon. New trainers are only allowed one starter Pokemon, but why limit yourself to such pleasure inducing goodness?

Sex Toys For Your Poke-a-Dex

Bulbasaur Pokemon with Silicone Jiggle Balls

Graphic created with photo by dromptommie via creative commons

With its big red eyes and cute grin, the blue-green Bulbasaur carries a green plant bulb–its energy source. While you shouldn’t carry the Swoon Get a Grip Silicone Jiggle balls on your back, the kegel toners will give you life. You’ll walk with giant Bulbasaur grin and a spring in your step while the inner weighted balls roll around to jigglypuff your core.

Fiery Charmander Pokemon with Red Spanking Paddle

Graphic created with photo by Luna Tick via creative commons

No one knows why Charmander’s tail is always on fire, but sometimes we need a bit of pain with our pleasure. Create a fire in your rear with a few whacks from red patent leather Candy Apple Paddle. The hotter your tail burns, the happier you’ll be– just like Charmander.

Squirtle Pokemon with blue G-Spot vibrator

Graphic created with photo by leesean via creative commons

Even with its unfortunate name, Squirtle’s bald head and curled tail is endearing. The water type’s super power is–no surprise–spraying water. Channel your inner Squirtle with the curvy Fun Factory Cayona mini G-spot vibe. With a bit of practice, that bald curve on your g-spot can help you spray, er, ejaculate.

Eevee Pokemon with faux fox fur glass butt plug

Don’t let the furry innocent looking Eevee fool you–there’s mischief hiding in its brown eyes. Put a bit of mischief in your eyes by hiding a glass plug with a faux fur tail in your behind. It’s a twofer: a sex toy and a cosplay accessory. (Digging that Eevee plushie?)

Happy Pikachu with Gold Bullet Vibrator

Graphic created with photo by John Valentine II via creative commons

The most coveted item is our Poke-a-Dex is none other that Pikachu. This electric type Pokemon is tough and loyal–always ready to give you what you need to win a battle. If what you need is lots of orgasms, then keep the Rocks Off Ignition Bullet by your side. The rechargeable vibe’s 10 setting will give your clit the jolt it needs. Get ready to hit your Peee-ka-choooo!

Red Train Case

After you’ve caught all your starter sex toys, make sure to keep them safe in your very own Poke-a-Dex, like this train case.

What more motivation do you need to catch’em all?

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