Founder Faves: 5 Must-Have Sex Toys For Your Nightstand

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So many pleasure products, so little time. And space. Your nightstand only has so much space, so which sex toys get priority?

If you had to choose a favorite sex toy, could you? When Women’s Health Magazine asked me to pick my #1 toy, it was tough to choose. I actually gave the journalist a list of my top 5 and let her pick.

They’re like our children or pets. Sometimes you like one more the the other depending on your mood.

I didn’t want the other 4 faves to feel left out. Let’s give them all time in the spotlight.

5 Must-Have Sex Toys For Your Nightstand

This list is in no particular order. Each toy has its pluses and minuses. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for. All of these toys are designed for solo play and with a partner.

Noje W3 Petite Body Massager

Noje W3 Petite Body Massager

Hands down the best travel vibe. Though only 5.25 inches long, the Noje W3 Petite Massager is packs a punch. The mini-wand has a flexible silicone head for pinpoint accuracy. It can be use for clitoral stimulation but don’t neglect nipples, penises, and other sensitive body parts.

The rechargeable wand features 10 different modes. It’s also waterproof, making it a good +1 for shower or bath time play.

Touch by We-Vibe

Touch by We-Vibe

Don’t let its sensual shape fool you. Touch by We-Vibe can rock your world in many different ways. The soft silicone “spoon” part allows vibrations to cover a larger surface area while the tip can intensify sensations when you need it. It’s easy to use–just push the button at the base to cycle through the 8 different vibration modes. The larger base makes it easier to grip.

Touch is waterproof and rechargeable. It’s a solid toy for any pleasure pantry. This used to be my favorite travel vibe until the Noje W3 came into the picture.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Satisfyer Traveler Pro

Sometimes you’re not in the mood for vibration but want still want clitoral stimulation. Cue Satisfyer Traveler Pro. What makes this toy different is that it “blows” air around your clitoris. Light puffs of air that feel ah-mazing! I’ve recommended this toy to many people, who have given it rave reviews. This is a case of you have to try it to believe it.

Yes, I have a thing for travel-friendly toys. They’re discreet and quiet. Both important qualities when you’re a parent. They can be easily hidden in plain sight (if need be).Mr Swirly Glass Wand

Mr. Swirly Glass Wand

Don’t let the glass part scare you. Mr. Swirly Glass Wand is hand blown glass that is just as strong as Pyrex dishes. We featured this wand in one of our very first limited edition boxes (which is now sold out). I love the curve of this toy and the swirl, which gives it some texture.

Glass is great for temperature play. Warm it up in cold or warm water before playing. Or place a vibe against the base for an extra bonus.

Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator

Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator

This is the mack daddy of vibrators! Sure, this wand may look utilitarian, but it makes up for it with power. This version of the classic Magic Wand Vibrator is rechargeable. That means no cords (until you charge it)! This toy isn’t the quietest, but it does its job very well.

Super strong vibrators will give you one of the most intense orgasms you’ll ever have!

Bonus item: Waterbased lube

I keep a rotation of water based lube in my nightstand because it’s the lube that plays nicely with all the toys on this list. While I love silicone lube for its silkiness and staying ability, silicone lube doesn’t always play well with silicone toys.

For more tips and lube recs, check out our 101 guide to lubricants

The top 5 is always in flux

Every now and again, I’ll go through the nightstand and reevaluate the toys. If they’re not currently sparking joy, I’ll swap them out for another one. That’s the fun part of having a large collection, right?

What toys are currently in your nightstand? Head over to our Facebook group Bawdy Bookworms Insiders and let us know.

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