8 Sex Toys You Can Control With Your Smartphone

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We joke that there’s an app for everything–but that adage is true. Smartphone apps make our lives easier, but do you have an app that will help you have more orgasms? We’re not talking about slipping your phone inside your pants and asking a friend to call you. Nope, we’re talking bluetooth connected vibrators of all shapes and sizes. You’ll be happy to whip out your smartphone for some high-tech fun–in and out of the bedroom.

Sex Toys You Can Control With Your Smartphone

We-Vibe Chorus blue

We-Vibe Chorus: One of the first innovators of couples toys, We-Vibe now offers a comprehensive line of toys. Their newest upgrade to this design is the Chorus, the premiere vibe that can be worn during sex. The C-shape vibe is adjustable to fit various body types. One part is insert to apply gentle pressure and vibration against a woman’s g-spot while the other end hugs the body and stimulates the clitoris.

All We-Vibe products use the same app to control the toys. The app allows you to customize your vibration settings, increase tempo or even make the toy vibrate via music or by tapping the screen. You can even give your partner access to the toy via the app–which means it can be control from anywhere in the world.

Vibease remote control vibrator

Vibease Panty Vibrator: We featured this vibe in a Pleasure Pairing, but it deserves another shoutout. The hands-free vibe slips right into your panties. Imagine wearing it out to a nightclub or concert! Control its vibrations through the app or download one of their erotic audiobooks that will make your toy vibrate during all the right places! 

Bonus: we’ve secured a special discount on the Vibease exclusively for Bawdy Bookworms readers.

We-Vibe Bloom Kegel balls

Bloom by We-VibeWho says pelvic exercises can’t be fun? Kegel exercises not only strengthen your pelvic floor to help with bladder control, but can intensify pleasure. Bloom comes with swappable weighted balls, making it more versatile as your pelvic muscles strengthen. Of course good exercise habits are always rewarded. The We-Connect app allows you to control the Kegel balls’ 10 vibration modes.

The World's first body-adapting vibrator

Crescendo is the world’s first body-adapting vibrator that’s lined with 6 motors. The toy is bendable and allows you to use it in countless ways and positions. Use it for solo play or with a partner! It comes preprogrammed with various patterns for its 6 motors, but you can download new vibration patterns to the toy via its MysteryApp. Crescendo also charges wireless with the included charging pad.

Poco by Mystery Vibe

If you’re looking for a smaller bendable bullet-style smart vibe, try Mystery Vibe’s Poco. It has two motors that offer rumbly vibrations. The mini size is comfortable to hold and feels like an extension of your finger. Controls are very easy to use and you can also control it via the MysteryApp. Make sure to add the Poco Playcards into your shopping cart because they offer some fun inspiration on ways to use your Poco.

Tenuto - The Wearable Smart Vibrator for Men

NEW: Check out Mystery Vibe’s Tenuto, a smart wearable vibe for people with penises. The unique waterproof vibe can be used solo or with a partner. The MysteryApp allows you to use preset patterns or create your own. Their website shows a different ways it can be worn with or without a partner.

Verge by We Vibe

We’ve seen c-rings designed for the woman’s pleasure in mind, but what about one that also hits the man’s erogenous zones? Try out Verge by We-Vibe, the vibrating c-ring that’s designed for men’s p-spot! The toy curves to stimulate his perineum while you ride him into ecstasy. Now it’s your turn to control his vibrations on the We-Connect app!

Kiiroo Onyx2 & Pearl2 Couple Set

Kiiroo Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 Couples Set can be used separately or as a pair. The Kiiroo technology uses Bluetooth to connect to its app, making them great for long distance love. When the Pearl 2 is inserted into the body, the touch sensors signal to Onyx 2 mimicking intercourse in real-time. Just swipe of the touchpad on Onyx 2 to control the vibrations in the Pearl 2.

Both items can be used separately and controlled. Additionally, both items are compatible with all existing and future Kiiroo devices, as well as with content sites and existing video, VR, 3D gaming and device partners of Kiiroo. Purchase the Pearl2 separately here. .

Ditto by We Vibe

Hopefully you’re not tired of the wonders of We-Vibe, because you’ll want to try Ditto by We-Vibe, their first bluetooth enabled anal play. The smooth silicone allows for comfortable wear and is perfect for beginners and more seasoned users alike. Tap that phone to get your booty rumbling because it has 10 vibration modes!

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