RWA 2018 Recap in Pictures

Shelly Bell and Thien-Kim

My second year at RWA National Conference was even better than my first year! It helped that I knew more people thanks to social media.

Bawdy Bookworms founder Thien-Kim Lam speaking at RWA 2018 Blogger Day

As you’ve probably heard by now, diversity was a big topic at the conference. I was honored to speak at  Blogger Day about reviewing diverse romances. The bloggers came to the session with an open mind and loving heart. We had a very productive discussion about the importance of inclusive language, seeking out diverse romances, and using our blogging powers for good. (Cue the famous Spiderman quote about power and responsibility.

At Librarians Luncheon: Sonali Dev, Xio Axelrod, Pintip Dunn, Priscilla Oliveras
At Librarians Luncheon: (LtR) Sonali Dev, Xio Axelrod, Pintip Dunn, Priscilla Oliveras

Blogger Day ended with a luncheon for both bloggers and librarians. (There were sessions for Librarians at the same time). Sonali Dev was the keynote speaker and wow. It’s powerful. She implores everyone to speak up for others whose voices that have been silenced for so long. Being silent is being complicit.

Sonali Dev and Thien-Kim

Sonali even gave me the most amazing hug after the luncheon!

I realize I started with Saturday, the last day of the conference! Let’s go back a bit.

Elevator doors covered with romance novel covers

Walking into the conference hotel was an immersion into Romancelandia. I immediately felt at home. There were groups of romance authors chatting everywhere you turned. Elevator doors were covered with giant romance book covers and ads.

Lifesized cover of How to Steal the Lawman's Heart

Harlequin had several of these life sized cardboard cutouts where you can put your face onto one of their covers. I won’t show you the one I put my face on because it’s creepy. Instead, you get the empty cut out of How to Steal the Lawman’s Heart by Kathy Douglass. (Pssst, that’s an affiliate link)

The book signings were one of my favorite events. I was able to get signed books to giveaway to you (coming soon), but talking to the authors was totally worth standing in line!

Shelly Bell and Thien-Kim

First up, I got to give Shelly Bell a big hug! We featured her book At His Mercy in the Sinful Treats box. I loved collaborating with her for that box!

Carrie Anne Ryan and Thien-Kim

I’d accosted Carrie Ann Ryan in the lobby earlier, which meant the nice thing to do was ask her to sign her book and take a photo.

Lyssa Kay Adams and Tamara Lush

We got all dolled up for the RITA awards on Thursday evening. I’m so proud of my friend Tamara Lush for being a finalist in the erotic contemporary category! Here she is with author Lyssa Kay Adams. Don’t they look beautiful?

Sarah and Lisa from Frolic

On Friday night, I ran into the Frolic team. I’ve been writing for them since June and was thrilled to be able to meet Sarah and Lisa! Make sure you check out Frolic for fun stories about romance, pop culture, and more.

Whew! I have more photos, but will save them for another time. Stay tuned for a giveaway of RWA books and swag.

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