4 Off-the-Charts Romances With Voyeurism & Exhibitionism

What a better way to start a Monday than read some steamy excerpts? We were thrilled when the multi-talented JenReadsRomance wanted to share her some of her favorite romances with voyeurism and exhibitionism. If you don’t already follow her on Twitter, you’re missing out on her reviews and recommendations.

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About JenReadsRomance

Jen’s lifelong romance habit began in 7th grade when she found a bag of remaindered romance novels in her grandmother’s basement. These days, she co-hosts the romance podcast Fated Mates with author Sarah MacLean. In addition to reviewing for Kirkus and talking about romance on Twitter,

Jen also runs a website to help readers find romances based on trope and theme. If you ever find yourself in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, Jen hosts a bimonthly romance book club there at 57th Street Books.

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JenReadsRomance & 4 Off the Charts Romances With Voyeurism & Exhibitionism

Vunerabiltiy of Voyeurism in Romance

There’s no time for shyness in 2019. I love reading books with voyeurism or exhibitionism; it’s one of my favorite things to read in romance.

There are some meta reasons I love this trope. Voyeurism is about seeing something that’s supposed to be hidden and private, but doing it from a place of safety. And it strikes me that the very act of reading romance makes me a kind of voyeur: I’m watching as a bystander while the characters reveal their entire world to me.

If voyeurism is about hiding, then exhibitionism is about showing. Voyeurism says I like to watch, while exhibitionism says I want to be seen. I think it’s symbolic of the emotional risks that characters must take when falling in love. In the best romances, characters have to peel back their armor and show their hearts and souls. Look at me, our characters must say, here I am.

So yes, I love this trope because it’s about vulnerability, but also, I just think it’s off the charts sexy.

I like to watch.

For your consideration, here are some of my favorite romances with voyeurism and exhibitionism.

4 Off the Charts Romances With Voyeurism & Exhibitionism

Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie

Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie

If we’re being really honest this is probably the book that launched my love of this particular kink. Sophie and Finn go from flirting to sex, the only problem is that it’s bad sex. Sophie considers faking it but then hears her sister coming in downstairs. She tells Finn to be quiet, but he can tell it turns her on.

“They could walk in anytime.” He nibbled on her shoulder, and she twitched under him and felt her breath go. “Walk right in and find us naked.” He slid his hand up to her sweat-dampened breast, and the heat rolled across her as she moved to his rhythm. “Find you naked. With me inside you. Nothing you could do about it.”
She caught her breath and said, “Stop it,” and he said, “Nope,  I think we’re getting somewhere.”

Being Neighborly by Meka James

Being Neighborly by Meka James

Ooh, this one. It’s Arizona, and Jess’s A/C is broken. She goes outside to get some relief and ends up seeing her very handsome neighbor having some alone-time after his shower. Eventually she’ll meet Ryan, but this first scene is HOT.

Even from a distance, dude was packing, and she could only imagine seeing that thing up close and personal. Jess brought the bottle to her mouth and guzzled more of the water. The man across the way sat on his couch, propped his legs up on the coffee table, and bent them at the knee with a wide stance.

The bottle fell from her hand and she sat up to move to the edge of her chair. Her mouth went dry as she watched his movements. How could he–why would he do this with the blinds wide open? But he was.

Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

Sara has just moved to New York for a new job, and she’s leaving her cheating ex behind. One of her first nights there, she meets Max. They chemistry is off the charts, and they have sex in the club in an alcove overlooking the dance floor. They plan a series of hook-ups throughout New York, all of them in public places. My favorite of these scenes? He takes her deep into the The stacks of the New York Public Library and shows her a copy of Delta of Venus by Anais Nin.  

He nodded, “And you’re reading to me.”

“I’m reading you erotica in here?”

“Yes. And I’ll probably feel the need to fuck you in here, too. You got to be loud last week. But this week” — he brushed some hair off the side of my face, lips pursed– “not so much.”

I swallowed heavily, unsure whether this was exactly what I wanted to hear or whether it terrified me…We were invisible from across the room, thanks to the books surrounding us, but if anyone walked down to our dark little corner, we’d be exposed. Something inside me began to ache in that heavy, sweet way that caused my spine to arch and my heart to pound wildly.

(Although this book is a complete HEA, there are a few more novellas in this series that revisit Max and Sara. They are regulars at a sex club where they have sex in a private room where other people can watch, which is HOT.)

Just Past Two by Elia Winters

Just Past Two by Elia Winters

This book is my platonic ideal of a romance, and luckily for all of you, the release date is TODAY (May 20). Abby and her husband Sam are attending her 10 year college reunion. Sam realizes that Abby was quite the wild child, and he’s turned on by knowing his wife was so adventurous. That night when they step out onto a deck for a breath of fresh air, they witness another couple having sex, and they can’t help but fool around while they watch.  This incident sends them on a journey, and as a couple they explore new territory in their sexual relationship.

“God, Sam, what if we get caught?” …

“We’re not gonna get caught. Unless you like the idea of that.”

She shuddered again. Maybe he was onto something. “You like that, don’t you?” He didn’t need to ask. “You like the thought of someone seeing us.”

“Don’t be silly.” Abby’s voice was still barely audible, a whisper, but he knew this woman. He knew when she was lying, and the scenario started spilling from his mouth before he even knew what he was saying.

“Imagine someone watching us the way we’re watching them. You like that? You think of that, all those times you were fooling around on campus? Hmm? You think about being watched?

Happy Masturbation Month everyone. Don’t melt your Kindle with any of these recommendations!


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