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Jennifer of Romance Novel News shares 3 romances with partnered sex toy play

We can’t talk about masturbation month without discussing sex toys. Get your one-click finger ready because Jennifer Porter at Romance Novel News has so oh-so-steamy recommendations for you. We’ve paired Jennifer’s romance picks with toys that will make it super easy (and fun) to recreate scenes from these books.

One of these books will help you cross off #RubOneOutBingo “read a sex scene with partnered toy play” square. Maybe mulitple ones, depending on what you do after you read them., pair a pleasure product with a romance

About Jennifer

Jennifer Porter is a romance reviewer and blogger over at Romance Novel News who is an avid reader of romance, but especially of erotic romance. She is thrilled to be participating in Masturbation Month’s Rub One Out Bingo here at Bawdy Bookworms because she believes in promoting sex positivity whenever possible.

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Romances With Sex Toys For Two

Jennifer of Romance Novel News shares 3 romances with partnered sex toy play

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Sex in romance novels can be many things: hot, sweet, inventive, implausible, funny and of course arousing. I love that one can find almost any type of sex in these books including the use of sex toys by couples.These scenes can be great for many things from those that induce intellectual gratification to those that induce physical satisfaction.

So in honor of Masturbation Month, let’s talk about some specific scenes in which couples use sex toys in some sexy romance novels that could help you complete Rub One Out Bingo!

Forbidden by Susan Johnson

Forbidden by Susan Johnson

Lest you think that sex toys are a recent addition to romance novels, let’s look at an old school one. In Susan Johnson’s Forbidden (1991), Etienne Martel, the Duc de Vec, has this massive harem bed with hidden compartments that hold all manner of sex toys from rope, to pleasure ointments to glass dildos. Heroine Daisy is no innocent virgin. She is a sexually confident woman who doesn’t mind taking charge. At one point, she ties up Etienne, shaves her pubic hair off with a gold razor and then picks up the glass dildo. She uses it to titillate Etienne before she pleasures herself with the toy.

Pairing for Forbidden

Mr Swirly Glass Wand

Bawdy Bookworms: Our founder is huge fans of glass dildos! One of her favorites is Mr. Swirly..Not only are they gorgeous, but glass can be warmed up or cooled down for temperature play. Not to mention the variety of textures you can get. There’s something for everyone. Learn more about glass toys here.

The King of Bourbon Street  by Thea de Salle

The King of Bourbon Street

If a glass dildo isn’t inspiring any sexy thoughts, how about a Sybian? In Thea de Salle’s The King of Bourbon Street (2018), Sol, a hero well-versed in sexuality and kink, introduces Raine to his world of sexual indulgence. While Sol has served as a submissive for much of his life, he is dominant with Raine, and he enjoys shocking her. Sol torments Raine a bit, making her talk about her life while she rides the Sybian leading to a very sexy conclusion.

Pairing for The King of Bourbon Street

The Cowgirl

Bawdy Bookworms: Ride-on toys–furniture–like Sybian are considered the holy grail of ride on sex toys. What they lack in beauty, they make up with power and versatility. There’s all sorts of fun add-ons and attachments. Imagine riding on one of these until you can’t stay upright anymore. Try The Cowgirl kit from Lovehoney–if you dare.

Small Town Secrets by Katrina Jackson

Small Town Secrets by Katrina Jackson

What do you think about a strap-on? Katrina Jackson has a steamy strap on scene in her novella Small Town Secrets (2018), the third installment in the Welcome to Seaport series. This series follows the secrets of the town of Seaport and has a soap opera-like feel to it. The stories are best read in order. But back to Small Town Secrets. Lisa Sullivan, or Sully, is in love with Bria Stone. In their last sex scene in the book, Sully brings out a strap-on harness and dildo hoping that Bria will be interested. Spoiler alert: Bria is!

Pairing for Small Town Secrets

Beginner Strap-on kit

Bawdy Bookworms: What strap-on you try depends a lot on both partners’ preferences. Talk to your partner to find out what they prefer. We recommend opting for silicone dildo and whatever type of harness the giver finds most comfortable. If you’re not sure where to start, try a strap-on kit. The best way to learn if it works for you is to try it out.

Spice things up

In each of the three aforementioned books, the couples all use some type of sex toy to add some spice to their lovemaking. There are of course many other examples of this with many different types of sex toys in romance, these are just three instances that made quite an impression on me. I hope one of them will do the same for you!

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