3 Reasons Every Woman Needs A Corset

3 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Corset

3 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Corset

Corsets may not be practical for everyday wear, but why not add one to your lingerie rotation? Modern ones are more comfortable than what Outlander’s Claire Fraser (Catriona Balfe) had to wear. You want a just for fun corset that will amp up your sensuality in and out of the bedroom.

Whether you prefer a corset that laces in the back or the front, here’s why.

3 Reasons Every Woman Needs A Corset

Reason #1: Corsets make your bosom look AH-MAZING. Even if you’re not generously endowed. Look at Claire’s chest in her honeymoon corset (click show images to see pic):

Outlander Honeymoon Scene

Alright, so Jamie (Sam Heughan) isn’t so bad to look at either. If you’ve watched the show, you know we get to see most of his well sculpted body (and ass).

Reason #2: You get a sexy hourglass figure. Besides pushing up your lady bumps and making them look bigger, corsets will also cinch in your waist to further accentuate your chest and hips. The boning also supports your back–a bonus for those of us who are hunched over our computers all day.

Sequined Corset
Sasha Sequined Corset from Hips and Curves

Reason #3: They’re sexy paired with your favorite jeans or skirt. You can through a leather jacket or blazer over it for nice-but-naughty look too. There’s so many gorgeous corsets these days, why hide them? Flaunt your stuff!

Want to add a corset to your fashion collection? Before you buy, check out this corset buying guide to help decide the best corset for your body.

Where to buy: The best way to find a well fitting corset is to try it on. If you’re not able to make it to a store, here are some recommended online stores:

  • Lovehoney has a fantastic, no questions asked return policy
  • Hips & Curves is my fave site to window shop. They cater to plus sized women, sizes 14 to 26. The sequined corset above is from Hips & Curves.
  • Adore Me is on my list of place to try. They offer free shipping and exchanges (important when you’re trying to find a well fitted corsets.)

Do you already own a corset? Wear it this weekend–in or out the bedroom!

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