5 Ways To Make Quickies More Orgasmic

Couple kissing in car

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Couple kissing in car

Quickies get a bad reputation. Mostly because there’s not enough foreplay, and most women need plenty of prep time for orgasms. We’re big fans of quickies, which is why we’re offering Bawdy Quickie, where you can get thrilling sexy accessories to enhance your quickies.

Just because they don’t last long doesn’t mean you have you to leave unsatisfied. Quickies have many benefits. A morning romp will wake you faster than your Starbucks double espresso. Sliding in a bedtime quickie helps you relax and sleep better. Maybe even give you some erotic dreams.

While quickies are hot AF in romance books and movies, they’re trickier to pull of in real life. Grab your partner or friend with benefits and try out these quickie sex tips.

Ways To Make Quickies More Orgasmic


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“Pre-bar” to your juices flowing. 

Literally. You may not have time during your quickie for extended foreplay, but you can mentally and physically get in the mood beforehand.  Try looking at porn such as Lady Cheeky (very NSFW) or read an erotic short story from Best Women’s Erotica.

If you prefer more physical approach to arousal, try an enhancing product like Sensuva ON Natural Arousal Orgasm Oil. Of course there’s the tried and true method of using your hands.

Wear clothes that you can easily pull up or rip off

Yes, just like in a romance book! Here’s your chance to spice things up and reenact a scene from your favorite book. Wear clothes that make it easy to have sex without removing them. A skirt you can pull up, panties than you can rig to rip away (HOT), or a shirt dress you can unbutton for easy access to your breasts. Have fun with it!

Lube is your friend

Contrary to what happens in romance novels, not all women get wet when they’re aroused. Factors like where you are in your monthly cycle, menopause, and medication can affect intimate lubrication. Lube is always your friend. Rub a few drops of your favorite lube on yourself or partner before things get hot and heavy.

Looking for a new favorite lubricant? Read why everyone needs lube.

 Doggy style gif

Choose a position that never fails to get you off

Quickies aren’t the ideal time for experimenting with your positions. Whether it’s doggy style or woman on top, go for the position makes you orgasm every time. Save the acrobatic positions for when you have more time.

Amp up your dirty talk

You may feel silly for using dirty talk, but those hot sweet nothings will increase the eroticism of your quickie. Not sure where to start? Try these tips:

  • Lower the register of your voice and make it a little breathy
  • Speak the words close to your partner’s ear. They’re erogenous zones so your warm breath amplifies the eroticism
  • Tell your lover what you want to them or what you want them to do to you

If you still feel silly, laugh it off and keep going!

Not matter what, don’t over think your quickie!

Do a little prep to ensure you’ll reach your orgasm, but don’t stress over it. Enjoy the moment and let go!

What tips do you have for better quickie sex?

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