Pleasure Pairing: Stripped by Zoey Castile

Stripped by Zoey Castile

Stripped by Zoey Castile

When I asked Twitter Romancelandia for suggestions of audiobooks written by authors of color, several people recommended Stripped by Zoey Castile. I am so glad I took their recommendation. This book was so much fun and extremely sexy.

Stripped has one of the most hilarious meet-cutes I’ve read in a while. Zach Fallon (who goes by his last name) is a stripper, Magic Mike style. Due to a snafu at the cleaners, he ends up with his upstairs neighbor’s laundry. The first thing Robyn pulls out of her laundry bag is a sequined red, white, and blue thong. That’s definitely not hers. Of course Fallon choose that moment to knock on her door.

The two are immediately attracted to each other, but Robyn doesn’t want to get involved due to her track record with men. Except Fallon is so hot. Things get complicated when she learns he’s a stripper. Fallon loves his job and refuses to be shamed for it. Thankfully for us, Robyn gets over her judgey self, and they two agree to a no-strings attached relationship.

Readers, we all know what will happen, right?

Sexy Excerpt

In the excerpt below, Robyn impulsively pulls Fallon in for a kiss. (This is before she learns of his occupation). As far as first kisses go, it’s mega hot.

I’ve never done this before. I’ve never kissed a stranger this way, like I need him. I’ve never been so discombobulated that I grasp for the closest lifeline I find. Part of me knows this impulse is wrong. But the rest of my life is out of order, so why not at least enjoy some of it?


His name is Fallon and all I know is that he’s a fantastic kisser. No, I know other things. He loves dogs and he’s a night owl and he’s from Boston. I know he looks at me like he could eat me alive. It’s that look that did it. It gave me a spark I haven’t felt in a so long. He picks me up and sets me on top of my dresser, and I wrap my legs around his waist to keep him pressed right against me. His sweatpants do little conceal his erection pressing against my thigh. He groans against my mouth as I let my fingers wader toward the elastic band.

He pulls back for a second, pushes my hair away from my face, and looks at me with more questions than I can answer. What is this? How did we get here? Why does it feel right? But we don’t speak. He holds my chin and leads my lips back to him, pressing them so gently I think this is what it be like to kiss the sky.

Want to see what happens next? Get your copy of Stripped by Zoey Castile.

Learn more about Zoey Castile at her website. You should follow her on Twitter and Instagram, too!

Pleasure Pairing

Sexy Male Cop Costume

Whether you’re the dancer or the one eyeballing their moves, stripping for your lover is another form of foreplay. Teasing and light touches, added with a promise of more is incredibly hot. For those who are not as skilled as Fallon, donning a costume can help set the mood and release your inhibitions.

It was tough to choose one item for the Pleasure Pairing, but I was inspired by the a scene at Robyn’s best friend’s bachelorette party. Plus, who doesn’t like a man in uniform? I won’t spoil the the moment because it’s epic. Let’s just say there’s sexy cops involved.

This Sexy Cop set includes the boxers, a badge (because he’s not a cop without a badge), and collar with tie. You’ll want to add the handcuffs and police hat to complete the outfit. I picked this costume set because its elements can be used in more ways than one. Obviously there’s the handcuffs. The tie can be used as a soft whip.

What sexy costumes would you want to see on your lover?

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