Pleasure Pairing: Mr. Hotshot CEO

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Mr. Hotshot CEO by jackie Lau

It’s rare that a book can make me chuckle out loud, much less throughout the entire story. Mr. Hotshot CEO by Jackie Lau had me laughing from page one, which meant I stayed up until wee hours of the night to make sure Julian Fong and Courtney Kwan got their happily ever after. (They did.)

Even though Julian is the CEO of his family business, his hilarious family has forces him to take a two week vacation. We’re talking a group intervention in his office: mom, grandmother, brother, even his assistant! Being a workaholic is the only thing he knows how to do, so he hires Courtney Kwan to show him how to have fun.

Julian is convinced that Courtney knows how to have fun based on the way she savors her gingerbread latte. She agrees and moves into his guest room for two weeks. Courtney suffers from depression and is afraid the truth will scare him away. The two spend a hilarious two weeks together that involves a phallic cactus, mouthwatering food, and a sexual tension they cannot ignore.

Mr. Hotshot CEO is an funny, entertaining romance between two Chinese Canadian protagonists. Let’s not forget about their families. You’re going to love Julian’s mom and his grandmother. Trust me.

Sexy Excerpt

There is so much good food in Mr. Hotshot CEO. Prepare to be hungry–not just for tasty bites, either. Take for instance, when Courtney teaches Julian how to sit and savor his gelato.

All the seats in the gelateria are full, but we snag a bench in the parkette at the corner. I’m enjoying my lemon cherry sour cream and pistachio, and I’m trying not to look at Courtney because watching her lick her gelato is more than I can bear. The cactus sits between us, a calculated move on my part so I wouldn’t be able to shift closer to her without getting poked.

“I can’t believe you ordered pistachio,” she says. “That’s such a boring flavor.” Courtney got quince white wine, in addition to the lemon cherry sour cream.

“I haven’t had it in ages, and this one is very good.”

“Can I try?”

I hand over my waffle cone, and she takes a nibble of my gelato.

Courtney’s mouth. Phallic object. Yeah.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asks?

“Like what?”

“Never mind.”

Don’t worry, Courtney knew exactly what Julian was thinking when she licked that cone. You’ll have to read the book to find out if she gets a chance to taste Julian’s other cone–er, you know what I mean.

Pleasure Pairing

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