Pleasure Pairing: Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl

Pleasure Pairing of Sexy Romance book and bedroom toy

Pleasure Pairing of Sexy Romance book and bedroom toy

Welcome to our new monthly feature: Pleasure Pairings. Each month we’ll feature a super steamy book along with a sexy item for your pleasure chest. Sexy book pairings will inspired you on the page and in the bedroom. Read on for more. . .

Steamy Book

Pleasure Pairing for Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl

This month’s Pleasure Pairing is inspired by the laugh-out-loud and incredibly hot Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl.

What is it about bad boys that make them so sexy? Recently divorced Olivia wants to let loose and have fun–really she does. She’s been stuck with a boring old fart of a husband for so long, she’s not even sure how to be fun anymore.

Then she runs into Jamie, who’s young, sexy, and a helluva kisser. Who happens to be equally amazing in the sack.

The lip locks in Bad Boys Do are epic.

Sexy Excerpt

Kissing is hot, especially between Jamie and Olivia. Here’s an excerpt of their first kiss:

“Okay,” she sighed, her eyes closing. “Just a kiss.”

Jamie closed his own and kissed her again. A longer tasted, but still soft. But this time when he drew away, she closed the space between them, and this was a real kiss. Her lips parted just enough that he could feel her breath and the warmth of her mouth. He kissed her top lip, then her bottom, touching his tongue to that plump pink flesh.

She sighed again, whispering the sound against his skin, and Jamie couldn’t wait another moment to taste her. When he slipped his tongue into her, she was hot and sweet with wine. But he still held back, barely rubbing his tongue over hers, allowing himself to enjoy it. They were in a kitchen at a stranger’s party. There’d be nothing more than kissing, and he wanted to feel every moment of it.

*fans self* Who says kissing is overrated?

Pleasure Pairing

Plumping Lip Balm

Time to give a good make out session the credit it deserves. Invite your lover to kiss your soft and plump lips, courtesy of Plumping Lip Balm. Turn your mouth into a kissable dessert in either passion fruit or strawberry flavors. Making out isn’t just for teenagers!

Of course Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl is more thank kissing–there’s a major sexy moment involving a mirror! You won’t be disappointed.

How do you feel about bad boys? Come chat with us about it in Bawdy Bookworms Insiders.

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