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How to Find Your Perfect Sex Toy

SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t exist

Join Bawdy Bookworms founder Thien-Kim Lam for a workshop that will supercharge your sex life and put your pleasure in your own hands.

Get the cheatsheet on finding the right sex toys for your body

Ready to find your perfect sex toy?

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Go from WTF to OMG!

During this 75-minute workshop we’ll

  • debunk sex toy myths (no, they won’t ruin you for sex)
  • discuss 5 major types of erotic toys
  • discover the right sex toys for your erogenous zones (Yes, that’s sex toys plural)

Ready to find your perfect sex toy?

About Thien-Kim

Bawdy Bookworms founder Thien-Kim Lam has over 20 years experience educating women on pleasure, sex, and erotic toys.  She carefully curates each Bawdy Bookworms Quickie Box and Deluxe Quarterly Box to provide a done-for-you Pleasure Pairing.

Thien-Kim’s mission is to empower women to embrace their sexuality and explore their pleasure through steamy romance novels and sex toys. Because every woman deserves a happy ending.

Frequently Asked Questions

This workshop is geared towards vulva-owners.

Nope! You’ll learn about toys that are fun when used solo or if you’re feeling generous, to invite a partner to join you.

Yes, you’ll have an opportunity to submit questions during the seminar or send them in advance. You’ll receive the link to submit questions anonymously after you register.

If you register but are unable to attend, you’ll have access to the recording for at least 2 weeks after the workshop.