Pleasure Pairing: The Unlikeable Demon Hunter

In addition to October being Kink Month, it’s also the month for Halloween. Since we’ve already discussed kinky romances, let’s kick some demon butt with The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde.

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde

If you’re a fan of snarky, badass demon hunters, let me introduce you to Nava. For most of her life she’s lived in her twin brother Ari’s shadow as he trains to join the mysterious demon hunting, super secret, all male brotherhood. Except she’s the one who receives powers during Ari’s induction ceremony.

Nava’s not pleased about becoming the chosen one. Turns out her new leader is the arrogant and mega hot ex-rockstar Rohan, whose superpower involves blades coming out of his body. Sparks literally fly between them as Nava navigates her new lightning powers and her place in the all-male organization. Will the two learn how to work together to defeat the demon of lust before she zaps them both?

Sexy Excerpt

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter is action packed. We’re not just talking about the tally of dead demons here. If you can’t imagine sexy times between a super hot blade wielding demon hunter and a smart ass female chosen one, author Deborah Wilde’s got it covered:

Relaxation thrummed into arousal. My skin pulsed a split second behind his touch, my entire body sparking in desire, igniting a long, smoldering burn.

“More,” I breathed, wanting anything, even him kissing my arm again.

His hand stilled. “I told you,” he said, in a maddeningly calm voice, “my way.”

“I have to keep silent?”

He chuckled, the sound spiking my nipples into hard peaks. “You don’t like something, you want me to stop? Speak up. You try to direct the action? Game over.”

I growled, hating his bossiness, and myself for wanting this enough to put up with it.

“This better be worth it, Snowflake.”

He raked a nail up my spine.

No. Not a nail. A blade.

I moaned. The tip of his blade ghosted in long, lazy circles over my body
[…] Rohan rolled me over, continuing his slow exploration, tracing his blade reverently over my left breast, his breath blowing warm gusts over my flushed skin. The focus on his face was absolute. His eyes were molten pools lingering hungrily on my body.

Who knew foreplay with blades could be so hot?

Psst, after you finish The Unlikeable Demon Hunterread the rest of the series to learn what other trouble Nava gets herself into. Yes, that includes Rohan.

Pleasure Pairing

If you’ve ever used a feather to tease your partner or scratched your fingernails down someone’s thighs, you know how erotic and sensual this type of touch can be. With the exception of Rohan and Wolverine, we don’t have blades that come out of our finger tips. However, there are fun tools that can recreate similar sensations.

Master Series Beginner's Mini Sensation Pinwheel

For those new to sensation play, start with Beginner’s Mini Sensation Pinwheel. Run the wheel’s plastic spikes down your partner’s body–maybe even around the nipples the way Rohan did to Nava. The simple toy will delicately prickle and awaken your sensitive skin.

Have you ever tried sensation play?

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