Purely Professional by Elia Winters

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Purely Professional by Elia Winters

I didn’t forget about this month’s Pleasure Pairing. I just had a tough time choosing which book to feature. I’ve read some pretty damned sexy books the past few weeks.

Purely Professional by Elia Winters has been on my to-be-read list for a while, and boy, am I glad I bumped it up on my list. It’s funny and sexy with plenty of chemistry. Bridget is a journalist for a Sassy-magazine for adult women who lies to her new editor that she’s a pro in the BDSM community. Except that she knows nothing about it. Enter Dom Max, a brainy but mega hot English professor, who agrees to show her the ropes. However, they two decided to keep her “research” purely professional.

We all know how things will turn out–it is a romance with a happy ending. The journey Bridget and Max take are what makes this book such a hot read.

Make sure to grab your copy of Purely Professionalit’s only $1.49 for Kindle!

Sexy Excerpt

I love how Bridget is unabashed in her pleasure. She’s got sex toys and not afraid to use them.

When at last he spoke, his voice was low, almost whispering. “When you touch yourself, do you ever think of me?”

Bridget looked at him sharply and opened and closed her mouth several times. Max didn’t break eye contact, daring her to lie. She refused to look away, even as she felt the blush creeping up her neck.


“What was I doing to you?” His hand was still in her hair, his face very close.

“You pinned me down and… fucked me.” Her voice was barely audible, and she was unwilling to look away despite her embarrassment. She swallowed.

“And did you like being pinned down?” Max’s other hand was on her thigh again. “Did you like feeling helpless?”

“Yes,” she whispered, admitting it to him— to herself, for whatever that might mean.

Nothing like some good dirty talk to get you going!

Pleasure Pairing

In chapter 1, Bridget does indeed fantasize about Max during a particularly hot scene with a glass sex toy. As her fantasies become reality, Bridget opens herself to other bedroom toys.

Dominix Deluxe Glass Flogger

With a nod to her new BDSM experiences, I’m pairing Purely Professional with this beautifully swirled glass toy with leather flogger. It’s a multi-tasker! A perfect balance of pleasure and pain.

If the idea of a glass toy freaks you out, read my guide to glass sex toys.

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