Pleasure Pairing: Illicit Impulse

Illicit Impulse by Alexa Day

This month’s Pleasure Pairing is so smoking hot, it me a while to decide what to pair it with. So many possibilities.

Illicit Impulse by Alexa Day is a friends to lover romance with a science-y twist. Research scientist John needs someone to test his project. He taps his best friend Grace to try his sex pill Impulse. The pill heightens arousal yet makes it easier for women to stay emotionally detached. Instead of asking the woman he secretly loves to test it out with him, he suggests she uses with Tal, her friend with benefits. After each “use,” Grace must report back every salacious detail to John.

Can John remain objective with his research subject and risk losing his best friend? You’ll have to read Illicit Impulse to find out!

Sexy Excerpt

I wasn’t sure at first if I liked Tal, Grace’s friend with benefits. He redeems himself later in the book–I was cheering for him too! Right before the scene below, Grace has taken her first dose of Impulse and just arrived at Tal’s place. Something in the air has changed for both of them:

He pinned her against the wall at the top of the stairs, his body trapping hers. His hand firmly on the back of her head, he claimed her mouth again, so hard that her teeth clashed with his. Her breath went shallow as his arm crushed her to him. She dug her nails into his shoulders as his tongue drove into her mouth. He yanked her skirt up to her waist and squeezed her thigh hard.

What thoughts of her had given rise to the unusual aggression?

It felt good to let him take over, to let him take her. She surrendered to his dominance, feeding it with her nails and her teeth when she wanted him to take more. This was not their usual slow, delicious progression from kissing to petting to firm, breathless fucking.

But this was right. No dance of seduction. No wasted flirtation. No useless longing. Just his hands and his mouth on her, priming her for his cock.

And that’s just the first sex scene.

Pleasure Pairing

Too bad a pill like Impulse doesn’t exist yet. We need some real life Johns to make that happen. Science needs to get with the program.

Pure Instinct Pheromone Infused Perfume

One thing science has gotten right is pheromones, odorless chemicals that arouse and attract. Lucky for us, they’ve been able to duplicate them in Pure Instinct, a perfume made of a blend of pheromone and essential oils. I used to sell tons of these when I did sex toy parties. It adapts to each person’s chemistry and smells different on each person. On me, it smells sweet. Others, a little spicy.

Like John, I e asked my girlfriends to test out pheromone enhanced products. Experiment result: their men couldn’t keep their hands off my friends!

Why not experiment yourself and record the sexy results?

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  1. Alexa Day says:

    Thien-Kim! Thanks so much for including Illicit Impulse in this month’s Pleasure Pairing. I’m especially glad Tal won you over; I have a soft spot in my heart for him! I’m also a big fan of pheromone perfume, a very feminine way to enjoy a touch of sexy power. What a great match!

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