Pleasure Pairing: Make Me Beg

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Warning: March’s Pleasure Pairing will make you hungry. And not just for food.

Make Me Beg by Rebecca Brooks

If you’re a fan of badass heroines and sexy chefs, then I suggest you one-click Make Me Beg by Rebecca Brooks right now. Once you do that, clear your schedule because you won’t be able to put this book down until you read every last searing word.  Maybe I should back track a bit.

Mack, our feisty lady bartender, has always had a thing for Connor, the sexy chef who’s a little too popular with the ladies. Obviously, Mack wants nothing to do with playboy Connor. When they’re offered a chance to open their own restaurant, the two are forced to work together. Of course that’s when the sparks ignite their passion: both the sexy kind and the arguing kind. Can they both overcome their issues to admit how much they love each other before it’s too late?

Sexy Excerpt

Let me set up this excerpt before you dive in. Connor, the super hot chef with a talented tongue, has brought Mack out to a beautiful mountainside lake. He’s secretly prepared a picnic and hand feeds a blindfolded Mack small bites of his new recipes to pair with her new cocktail creations. What starts as a work meeting turns out, rather, uh. Just read for yourself.

“Open your mouth,” Connor instructed.

Of course she obeyed.

He brought the spoon to her lips. The bite was soft, smooth. A subtle crust for texture, finely chopped nuts, a hint of vanilla. Cream.

It was delicious. Mack let out an audible moan.

“Good?” he asked.


She felt completely bare, helpless to him, asking for it. He fed her slowly, another spoon, making her arch forward, coaxing her with a throaty “That’s it” as she took it in her mouth.

She’d say it happened instantly, arousal like a switch, a flame catching, a lighter flicking on. But she knew it had been building within her ever since Connor sat her down. She could feel it as she squirmed in her bonds, the press of her jeans making her ache.

This was never supposed to happen again. Hell, it was never supposed to happen the first time. But the next taste of chocolate she licked off his finger. Then again off his thumb. She wondered if he could hear her heartbeat or if it was just the blindfold that made everything so loud to her. She wondered if she was crazy, what she was possibly thinking. If he was laughing at her, at how he’d gotten her out here and reduced her to this, whimpering for whatever he offered. Practically begging.

“Connor—” she started. But she didn’t know how to finish.

You’ll have to read Make Me Beg to find out how they finish the scene. Let’s just say it was rather mouthwatering.

Pleasure Pairing

Food is inherently sensual. The silkiness in your mouth. The flavors exploding on your tongue. Why not take this sensuality a step further?  We have the perfect pairing to help you. First, you’ll need a scarf or a blindfold if you want to recreate the above scene.

Dona Kissable Body Paint

Channel your creativity with Dona Kissable Body Paint.  Turn your own body into a delectable dessert with one of three flavors. Might we recommend the vanilla buttercream? Take your time brushing the kissable paint on your blindfolded partner. Where will you start: the chest or the even more sensitive thighs? Once you’re done painting, complete the masterpiece by licking off each brush stroke.

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