Why You Should Make a Sex Bucket List

Naughty Bucket List

Skip the resolutions this year and make a naughty bucket list.

The naughty bucket list is exactly what it means. Make a list of naughty, sexy things you want to try (or do more of) this year.  Imagine the smile on your face when you cross off “Have sex outdoors” or something equally adventurous.

Why you need a naughty bucket list

When it comes to bedroom play, we often get stuck in a rut without realizing it. Sex and orgasms isn’t usually top of mind after a long day of work, kids, and household chores. A bucket list creates low-stress but mega-fun goals. Even if you don’t quite hit the goal, you’ll have fun trying.

Prioritizing fun in the bedroom means you’ll have something to look forward to that evening (day, night, whenever you decide).  Did I mention it’s fun?

Tips on making your list

Making your list doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some things to keep in mind as you make your list:

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  • Try new to you locations: take the sex out of the bedroom. How about a blow job in the shower, sex in the woods, or slip the MyPod Vibe in your purse for a quickie in the car (but not while driving)?

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  • Take it off: Include or remove clothing or toys. Go out to a fancy dinner with no underwear or wear some vibrating panties during a road trip. The Lock-n-Play vibe clips onto your panties so you can adjust it to hit the right spot.

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  • Play with yourself: Include items that don’t need a play buddy, unless you count a rabbit-style vibe as your play buddy. You’re more likely to accomplish them if you’re not dependent on a partner and their mood.
  • Include your partner (if you have one) when you make your list. You’ll have fun making the list together and they might come with ideas you’ve never even considered

Make your list and start checking off some orgasms!

Have you ever made a naughty bucket list? What items would you add to it?

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