Lovehoney Box of Happiness Unboxing: Doors 9-16

Lovehoney Big Box of Sexual Happiness

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Before you watch this week’s unboxing videos, make sure you catch up on doors 1-8.

Lovehoney Big Box of Sexual Happiness

We continue the second week of live unboxings from  Lovehoney’s Big Box of Sexual Happiness. So far we’ve been extremely impressed by the quality of the toys.

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Door #9

Behind the door was a pretty big surprise. It was empty! But after talking to a friend who has the box, we figured out it was similar to this pretty clitoral pleasure clamp. I contacted Lovehoney and they’re sending one out. I love their customer service!

Doors 10 & 11

We had date night on the 10th, so this door opening is a double header. Door #10 held a very high quality silicone ring with a vibrating mini-bullet. We had a lots of fun swinging the flogger behind door #11.

Door #12

With these sex dice, everyone who plays will win.

Door #13

Door #13 has a fun buzzy surprise. I couldn’t find the exact item on Lovehoney, but this is close in size.

Door #14

Tonight we complete the set from behind door #8.

Door #15

I wasn’t too thrilled about the item behind door #15 but the Mister liked it.

Door #16

Today’s item was designed for men, but will do wonders for women too.
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