Lovehoney Box of Happiness Unboxing: Doors 17-24

Lovehoney box of sexual happiness

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Did you miss the previous week’s unboxings? Catch up on doors 1-8 and then doors 9-16.

Lovehoney box of sexual happiness

We’re in the home stretch of our live unboxings from  Lovehoney’s Big Box of Sexual Happiness. Most of the toys were hits, but there were a couple of items I wasn’t a fan of.

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Door #17

Hello nipple clamps!

Door #18

Let’s jiggle it, just a little bit.

Door #19

This door held a jelly stamina ring, but we weren’t impressed.

Door #20

Before we open #20, our replacement for the missing item from #9 arrived! Mum’s the word on door #20.

Doors #21 & #22

No, it’s not a baby headband behind door #21. Door #22 has some sparkly items for your nips!

Doors #23 & #24 The Big Finale

The big finale was definitely worth it! Door #23 is a while #24 held a very .

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