Lovehoney Box of Happiness Unboxing: Doors 1-7 (+8)

Lovehoney box of sexual happiness

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Big Box of Sexual Happiness Advent Calendar

So far, our daily unboxing of Lovehoney’s Big Box of Sexual Happiness has been a blast. I continue to be impressed by the packaging and quality of the products behind each door of this sex toy advent calendar.

Every evening around 9:30pm Eastern, I do a live video opening that day’s corresponding door. My husband has happily offered to help and model. You can watch the video live and leave comments or questions by joining Bawdy Bookworms Insiders Facebook group. It’s free to join!

In case you miss the, you can watch the replay inside the group. I’m also uploading them to the Bawdy Bookworms YouTube channel. I try to upload it right after the live video but might not have it up until the next morning. Make sure you subscribe to our channel or bookmark this page to come back each day.

Unboxing Videos 1-7 (+8)

I’ll update this page and embed the videos for doors 1-7 from the Lovehoney’s Big Box of Sexual HappinessBookmark it so you can catch up each day.

Door #1

Behind Door #1 was a very soft, padded satin blindfold.

Door #2

Door #2 held a purple silicone finger vibe, similar to this black finger vibe.

Door #3

Behind Door #3 were 2 satin restraints. Plus a demo on wrist tying.

Door #4

Things go round and round behind Door #4 with a set of 3 silicone cock rings. Watch for instructions on how to use. Oh la la!

Door #5

Now that we have such a lovely collection of things, we need a nice satin bag to store it in.

Door #6

This one really tickled us.

Doors #7 & #8

We had technical difficulties on day 7, so we made up for it on day 8. Door 7 hid these lovely beads, and door 8 can get you cuffed.

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