Unboxing the Super Exciting Super Adult Advent Calendar

Check out newest round-up of the best sex toy advent calendars.

Looking for the Lovehoney’s latest Advent Calendar? Grab your Lovehoney Best Sex of Your Life Couple’s Sex Toy Calendar here.

UPDATE: Catch all the video recaps here.

I won’t lie. I not a fan of those chocolate advent calendars that I pick up from Trader Joe’s each year. I like chocolate, but those pieces are too damned small. And well, it’s a boring advent calendar. You get a teeny tiny piece of chocolate every day. Just hand me a bar of dark chocolate and I’m good to go.

Then I discovered the best advent calendar ever: Lovehoney’s Big Box of Sexual Happiness.Big Box of Sexual Happiness Advent CalendarWhen I spotted the purple beauty, I started breathing heavy. My heart rate jumped. A box filled with 24 sensual and exciting sex toys? THIS is my version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Image via Giphy
Image via giphy

So I ordered my golden ticket to orgasms, er, happiness. Everyone in the Bawdy Bookworms Insiders group convinced me to order it. Yes, it’s their fault. I ordered it on the condition that I do a live unboxing each night for the 24 different items  in the Big Box of Sexual Happiness.

It’s embarrassing how many times I checked the tracking number on that box. The anticipation makes the gifts even more exciting. What’s behind each door? Will it be a sensual item or a battery operated friend? It’s a mystery!

Last night was our first unboxing. The packaging was gorgeous and very giftable. I was very impressed with the quality of the item behind door #1. I won’t spoil it for you. Watch the video for Day 1 unboxing. You’ll also get a peek at a couple of items from the Kiss at Midnight Box.

Don’t miss the other 23 days! Join Bawdy Bookworms Insiders to see them live each night. We’ll find out what’s behind door #2 tonight!

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