Ladyscaping: Brazilian or Sicilian?

Tips for Ladyscaping

No, I’m talking about what’s for dinner. We’re talking about landscaping…downstairs. At the Y. Your lady bits.

Grooming your garden.


Katy Perry Surprise

There’s 2 times we think about grooming our hair down there: swimsuit season and sex.

We probably shave or wax more often for fashion than sex, but why not try a new look (feel?) for your next session of bedroom rumba? A bit of bare skin can increase sensitivity for you. He’ll be aroused because he knows you did it for him.

Unlike grooming the hair on your legs, your lovely lady garden is sensitive and requires special care. Before you grab that razor or schedule your wax appointment, there’s a few things to consider.

Ladyscaping Tips: Before and After

: Yes, you can style your triangle. Do you want just trim or to shape it? Apparently a Sicilian wax leaves with a nice triangle while the Brazilian is a landing strip. Who comes up with these names?!

Method: Shave or wax? This totally a personal preference.

  • Waxing lasts longer as you’re completely removing the hair from its roots. Keep in mind that you’ll have to allow the hair to regrow long enough for subsequent waxes.
  • If you shave, don’t use dull blades or soap as they can cause irritation. Use a moisturizing shaving creme or lotion. My fave is Coochy Shave creme. (Don’t let the name deter you, it gives you a smooth shave and leaves your skin soft)

Coochy After Shave Protection Mist

Aftercare: this part is the most important. Apply an aftershave protection mist right after and then periodically as the hair grows back.

No matter what you decide, take good care of your skin!

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