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Ready to perk up your mid-afternoon slump?

Today I’m the guest moderator for the weekly #SexTalkTuesday Twitter chat. To join the conversation, all you need is a Twitter account and follow the #SexTalkTuesday hashtag. Make sure you’re following @BawdyBookworms too.

What: Today’s topic is From the Pages to the Sheets: how erotic romances can inspire romantic play.
TODAY, Tuesday, July 5 at 3PM Eastern
To join the conversation, all you need is a Twitter account and follow the #SexTalkTuesday hashtag.
Who:  Follow us @BawdyBookworms and the cool authors below.

Exciting right? If you’re reading this, you’re already a fan of erotic romances. We’ll talk how steamy books can enhance your sex life, share book recommendations and hear from some authors too! In fact, go ahead of follow these authors before the chat:

My Hot Cop by AC Rose

A.C. Rose is a love and sex columnist and author of very steamy romance books.
About her book My Hot Cop: Super hot, dirty talking, Alpha cop Lucas Jensen uses handcuffs and hot sex to takes reporter Belle Anderson’s mind off of a broken heart.
Follow her on Twitter @ACRoseAuthor.
Visit her website.

How To Fail by Rebecca Brooks

Rebecca Brooks is the author of How to Fall, a sexy fling-to-forever about a Chicago teacher & Aussie celeb in Brazil.
Follow her on Twitter @BeccaBooks
Visit her website.

Jenee Darden Erotica

Jenee Darden  explores racism’s impact on Black sexuality and the importance of Black erotic writers defining Black sexuality in their own voice.
Follow her on Twitter: @cocoafly
Visit her website.

Catching Preeya by Rissa Brahm

Rissa Brahm writes intense, soul-deep and sensual contemporary romances.
About Catching Preeya (releases Friday July 8): Two lost souls—flight attendant Preeya Patel and widower Dr. Ben Trainer—catch a turbulent flight to second chance love
Follow her on Twitter: @rissa_brahm
Visit her website.

Grab your favorite beverage and come chat with us at 3PM Eastern!

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