Pleasure Pairing: Accidentally on Purpose

San Francisco Bay Bridge

For our first Pleasure Pairing of the new year, we’re headed to beautiful San Francisco. A favorite of all the cities I’ve visited.

Accidentally on Purpose by Jill Shalvis

In Accidentally on Purpose by Jill Shalvis, Elle and Archer have a history that neither are willing to rehash. Independent Elle loves her job managing a building in downtown San Francisco. But Archer’s office is in the building too, and he always shows up when he’s least wanted. While their attraction is obvious to all of their friends, the two clash as soon as they are in the same room. Eventually their explosive arguments turn into fiery passion. (Thank goodness.)

Sexy Excerpt

While there’s a slow burn for the first half of the book, their first time together was earth shattering. For Elle and Archer and the chair.

In the far back recesses of her mind, she told herself to stop, that he was going to get hurt, but the part of her incontrol didn’t care. He needed her. And she sure as hell needed him. His fingers wrapped around hers and he gave a tug. She had to hand it to hi, he know her office as well as she did because in the next beat she was free-falling onto her small, narrow love seat, followed down by a hundred and eighty pounds of highly sexually motivated male.

The love seat, built for show rather than actual use, complained with a splintering crack and then collapsed beneath them.

They hit the floor. She saw a brief flash of Archer’s white teeth as he smiled his badass smile in the dark and then rolled, pinning her beneath him, her hands caught in his above her head.

“Your arm,” she gasped.

“Worth the pain.” His kiss was hot and deep and she almost lost herself in him.

So good, they broke a chair!

Pleasure Pairing

Liberator Jaz Motion Sex Pillow

Sex on a chair offers infinite possibilities and positions. As pleasurable as it can be, comfort is not at the top of the list for chair sex. Not to mention that vigorous activity may break it. However, you can add similar rocking sensations and position alignment with a specially shaped sex pillow.

Jaz Motion in action

Designed specifically for two lovers, Liberator Jaz Motion is curved on one side, rocking back and forth to enhance your natural motion. Flip it over and it supports and raises your hips to hit all the right pleasure spots. No matter the position, clean-up is easy with its removable cover.

Have you ever broken furniture during sex?

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