If You Like It, Put a C-Ring On It

How a c-ring works


Since our fall Bawdy Bookworms Box comes with a c-ring, I thought we should talk about them.  You might hear them called cock rings or love rings. Place that ring on your guy or your favorite dildo and you’re in for a fun treat.

How C-Rings Work

C-rings are exactly what they sound like. Round and stretchy, the rings designed to keep your man harder longer. Once he’s at attention, slide the ring down to the base of his shaft. Some guys also enjoy the sensation of the ring around his penis and his balls.

It’s easy for guys to hit the Big O, but we ladies need a bit more time. Some rings even have “speed bumps” that give extra stimulation for your lady bits during intercourse. When he’s ready, the ring will intensify his Big O. Win-win.

Love Rings For Your Lover’s Thing

Once you discover the joys of c-rings, you can graduate to models with more speed bumps or vibrate. You’ll have fun exploring what works for the two of you. Here are some to try out

Glow in the Dark Love Rings

You can never go wrong with a basic set of stretchy c-rings. These glow-in-the-dark cock rings come in a 3 pack so you can find the right size for your man or your toy. Since they glow, you’ll always be able to find your powerstick in the dark.

Boutique Velcro Cock Ring

Leather is definitely the little black dress of sex toys. This faux leather ring fastens with velcro so you can easily wrap and unwrap it.

Tickler C-Rings

Want more friction? This set of six rings come with various speed bumps and ticklers for your ride.

Bionic Bunny Cock Ring

Add more action to your session with a vibrating love ring. This silicone rabbit c-ring comes with a 5-speed bullet. Place both rings around his shaft or place the larger, outer ring around his testicles. Or try out the wireless remote control version. Time to hop on!

Desire Cock Ring

Already in love with cock rings? Invest in a high quality rechargeable model so you’re never without. The silicone Desire C-Ring is waterproof and comes in a classy travel case. Desire Ring vibrates is several different speeds and patterns and boasts 60 minutes of battery life. The designers even added a toy lock function so it won’t randomly vibrate while you’re in the airport security line.

'Orny Vibe in Ride 'Em Cowboy Fall 2016 Bawdy Bookworms Box

Not sure where to start? Grab our fall Bawdy Bookworms Box. It comes with a c-ring that’s great for beginners and experienced folks, water based lube, and more! We have limited supplies, so don’t wait.

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