6 Must Read Romances with Hot Outdoor Sex

Romances with Hot Outdoor Sex

You’ve done your part to help out Mother Nature. You recycle, read more ebooks, and  even buy rechargeable vibrators. You’ve been very good.

Now let’s get naughty and celebrate the great outdoors by coming together with nature. Yes, time for some outdoor sex.

Even if you’re not bold enough to get naked outdoors, you can still live vicariously through books. Lucky for us, there’s plenty of romances with hot outdoor sex scenes. Follow along with these heroines and heroes as they get busy in a garden, near a waterfall, and more.

7 Romances with Hot Outdoor Sex

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde: In this Bridesmaids meets Buffy paranormal romance, Nava gets busy in a park–smack in the middle of downtown Vancouver.

Midsummer (Love’s Labours Book 1) by Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae: This M/M romance has it all: blowjobs in the forest, an attempt to have sex in a lake, and Shakespeare. How can you go wrong?

Honor & Roses by Elizabeth Cole

Honor & Roses by Elizabeth Cole: The action takes place during a summertime forest night while the couple is on the run from medieval evildoers…ain’t that always the way?


Strawberry and Sage by Amanda Gale

Strawberry and Sage by Amanda Gale: 1960s friends become lovers on a hike up the mountain. Bonus: proclamation of love while skinny dipping in the river.

A Bone to Pick by Rachel Shane

A Bone to PIck by Rachel Shane: Ever wonder what it’s like to have sex by a waterfall? Find out when the desire between two podcast co-hosts reaches a breaking point.

Huntsmen by Michelle Osgood

Huntsmen (The Better to Kiss You With Book 2) by Michelle Osgood: Shapeshifting paranormal romances are full of opportunities to commune with the outdoors–or even hot sex on a rooftop.

What are your favorite romances with outdoor sex scenes?

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