Pleasure Pairing: Under Her Skin

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but love (and sex toys) are good all year long! Our February Pleasure Pairing features something big and tasty.

Under Her Skin by Adriana Anders

Before I tell you about our February book, Under Her Skin by Adriana Anders, I have to warn you. This book made me cry. I’m usually not a crier when I read, but I wanted so badly for Uma to be happy. Happy with herself and happy with Ivan. This book made me very emotional. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Uma is running away from something–or someone. It’s obvious to gruff blacksmith Ivan when he first meets her on his neighbor’s porch that she needed saving. She moved to the small Virginia town for one reason only: to erase what happened to her.  Uma doesn’t want anyone’s help, but feels drawn to him. She sees through his scruffy exterior to find a caring, compassionate, and very sexy man. Still, she’s afraid if Ivan discovers the truth about her, he will do something he’ll regret the rest of his life.

Sexy Excerpt

Every intimate moment between these Uma and Ivan is full of sexual energy, but it’s the emotional exchange during these moments that makes them burn even hotter. Her lust and the pleasure she gives Ivan makes her feel powerful. Uma embraces the power and takes charge of the action. Ivan is happy to comply. Check it out:

Instead, she did as he asked, letting him fill her mouth, then nudge her throat. Uma had never done this before, taken someone in that far, of her own volition. But with Ivan, she wanted it. She wanted him to fill every crack, every tiny little crevice [her ex] had created. She relaxed, and he sank in another centimeter. Up and down, but this time with suction, the next just tongue, another time with teeth. She learned him, played him like an instrument.

Who knew giving a blow job could be so enjoyable? It was amazing, unbelieveable, a treat. She was lost in it. The in and out, the taste, the smell, and those fucking sounds he made. Uma owned his pleasure.

Who knew a blow job could be so powerful? It’s a heady feeling, owning someone’s pleasure. (pun intended) Knowing that you can make someone feel so good.

Pleasure Pairing

Did your jaw hurt just reading that excerpt? If you’re one of those people who rolled your eyes at the words “blow job,” this is the pleasure pairing for you.

Sure, performing fellatio on a man feels powerful, but let’s talk about the technical aspects: length and girth. Like most guys in romances, Ivan is well-endowed. At least that’s the impression author Adriana Anders gave me. (Who wants to read about a guy when a tiny package?)

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With this spray to help, you too can feel as powerful as Uma.

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