Why Everyone Needs Lube

Lube recommendations

Seriously, everyone needs a bottle of lube.

Or two or three.

Lube Myths

I’m ready to bust a myth. Kinda like the Mythbusters show: Sex Mythbusters. That might not be a bad idea for a show. Though I’m unsure what kind of stunts we’d need to perform. . .

Myth: Many of us equate sexual arousal with natural lubrication. That lube is only for people with sexual problems.

BUSTED: Big Nope.

Your natural lubrication can be affected by anything from hormone fluctuations (due to pregnancy, birth or menopause) to medication to stress. You might be ready to go mentally, but your body needs a little help to make sex more comfortable (and pleasurable).

Words to remember: Wetter is Better.

Sex is even better when things are smooth and slippery. Lubricants are even handy for solo play or mutual masturbation. They are a must for anal play as your back door doesn’t self-lubricate.

I’m such a big advocate for lube, I feel like Oprah:

Oprah Lube

Water based lubricants are the most versatile. They play nice with all your sex toys and won’t stain the sheets. Water based lubes come in a smorgasbord of types and flavors. Make sure you have at least one bottle of water based lube in your pleasure chest.

Not sure where to start?

Try one of these
Sliquid H2O Original Glycerin & Paraben-Free Lubricant 4.2 fl. oz

Goes with everything: Sliquid H20 Original (Glycerin & Paraben-Free)


Perfect for dessert: System JO Organic Strawberry Flavored Lubricant

ID Sensation Warming Liquid Lubricant 2.2 fl. oz

It’s getting hot in here (so take off all your clothes): ID Sensation Warming Liquid Lubricant

If you’re not sure where to start, try our Wetter Is Better Lube Sampler Kit.

Do you have a favorite lubricant? Share your recs in our Bawdy Bookworms Insiders Facebook group. And invite a friend because I’m doing a live video where we’ll taste test some flavored lubes.

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