Pleasure Pairing: A Counterfeit Courtesan by Jess Michaels

Counterfeit Courtesan Pleasure Pairing

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A Counterfeit Courtesan

This week we chatted with Jess Michaels about her book A Counterfeit CourtesanThis wasn’t any regular chat. We discussed a very sexy, delicious scene from book 3 of The Shelley Sisters and shared Pleasure Pairing suggestions.

Before we begin, Jess recommends reading this series in order.

About the book

The Counterfeit Courtesan by Jess Michaels

Here’s the blurb for this steamy regency romance:

The last of the Shelley triplets to remain unmarried, Juliana Shelley has never felt like she’s recognized as her own person. But now, scarred by a terrible attack, she’s never felt so alone. Or so tired of cleaning up every else’s mess. She longs for something just for herself. A taste of the desire that seems to make her sisters so very happy in their marriages. One desperate night, she goes to the wicked Donville Masquerade, looking for trouble and finds a handsome, masked stranger more than willing to provide it.

Ellis Maitland’s dangerous desperation caused the injuries Juliana suffered and he has felt guilty about it since. And drawn to her unlike anyone else he’s ever met. When he realizes she’s masquerading as a courtesan his best impulses, rusty as they are, cause him to try to stop her from making a mistake.

Only Juliana isn’t as easily deterred as Ellis believes she will be. And the desire that sparks between them soon cannot be denied. Although they begin a passionate affair, Ellis knows it cannot last. After all, he has a plan to take care of the villain behind all the trouble plaguing his family and it’s one he knows he won’t survive. Will Juliana’s help and faith save him? Or will it be too little, too late.

Ready for the sex scene?

Sexy Excerpt:

This scene was hand picked by Jess Michaels for you! Who doesn’t love a bit of sexy banter while the hero teases the heroine–with his fingers?

He choked out a laugh. “I wouldn’t call it a job. It’s not a chore, that’s for certain, to be perched here between these very pretty legs getting ready to do such wicked things to you.”

She shifted, and bright pink entered her cheeks. “Thank you,” she whispered.

He smiled. “But because I have done this with a great many women, I can tell you that this part is my favorite.”

“That cannot be true,” she insisted.

“But it is. I could press a willing woman against a wall and rut with her any time I like. And there is value in something hot…” He accentuated the word by licking his finger and gliding it across the crease of her entrance. “…and fast.” He repeated the action as she hissed out her breath. “But doing this…watching you flush and writhe and hearing your breath hitch with pleasure…angel, that is the best part of my day.”

She gave a shaky laugh. “Well, I wouldn’t want to deny you the best part of your day.”

“So kind,” he teased as he settled on his stomach between her legs and smiled up at her with all the wicked intent he could muster. “And now I’m going to try to give you the best part of your day.”

“You’re very certain of yourself,” she gasped as he peeled her open gently.

“Always,” he agreed, and then he bent his head and stroked his tongue over her. She was as sweet as he’d known she would be and he drank of her, memorizing every nuance of her flavor because he knew this was a night that could never, would never, be repeated.

So he was going to enjoy every damned minute of it.

*  *  *  *  *

Juliana’s vision actually blurred as Ellis ducked his head between her legs and stroked his tongue against her sex. When he touched her, it was like magic. But this…this was something more. This was something…she couldn’t even describe it, probably because he stole her breath and her reason as he spread her flesh wide and feasted on her like a man starved.

He teased with his tongue, flicking her sex, gentle and light. She found herself aching for more, reaching for it by lifting her hips toward his mouth as she dipped her head against the pillows with a shuddering sigh.

He ignored that wordless demand, continuing to tease her with those gentle yet focused licks. Her body’s reaction was a ricochet of pleasure that started at the point of contact and worked its way through her entire being. This was more powerful than when she touched herself, but built to that same crescendo she so longed for.

“Please,” she groaned, hating herself for begging this man but unable to stop.

What happens next? You’ll need to read A Counterfeit Courtesan. to find out.

Pleasure Pairing

Lucky you! For this book we have two pairing recommendations. It’s twice the fun. Both simulate the feelings of oral sex.

Tracy's Dog Vibrator

Jess Michaels’ pairing is the Tracy’s Dog Clit Sucking Vibrator, which had a review that went viral. You’ll want to read it. It’s hilarious.

This multi-function vibe has clitoral suction and 10 vibration patterns. The silicone toy is water resistant and offers 60 minutes of play on one charge. Several Bawdy Bookworms Insiders also offered rave reviews on this vibe!

Satisfyer Pro 3

The second Pleasure Pairing comes from our founder, Thien-Kim Lam. Satisfyer Pro 3 uses pressure wave technology to surround the clitoris with intense pulses and offers vibration. It’s the best of both worlds.

The silicone ring alternates between suction and pressure in 11 intensity settings plus 10 vibration settings. How’s that for a happy ending?

Which toy do you think pairs best with A Counterfeit Courtesan?

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