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Pleasure Pairing: Illicit Impulse

This month’s Pleasure Pairing is so smoking hot, it me a while to decide what to pair it with. So many possibilities. Illicit Impulse by Alexa Day is a friends to lover romance with a science-y twist. Research scientist John needs someone to test his project. He taps his best friend Grace to try his sex pill Impulse. […]

The Best Tingling Creams For Your Love Button (Part 1)

Pink Button

One of the fun parts of curating the Bawdy Bookworms Boxes is finding the right sensual items for them. I only want to include items that I know will work–for most women. (Each person’s body reacts differently.) I’ve seen many different creams, vibrators, and props during the 12 years I sold them at home parties. […]

Purely Professional by Elia Winters

Glasses on top of book

I didn’t forget about this month’s Pleasure Pairing. I just had a tough time choosing which book to feature. I’ve read some pretty damned sexy books the past few weeks. Purely Professional by Elia Winters has been on my to-be-read list for a while, and boy, am I glad I bumped it up on my […]