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Cecilia Tan Discusses Her Hot New Book Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead by Cecilia Tan

I’m super excited to interview one of my favorite authors Cecilia Tan. She’s written some of the sexiest, hottest books I’ve ever read. She took some time to answer my question about her newest book Taking the Lead, the debut novel in her Secrets of a Rock Star Series. Spoiler alert: this book is about a billionaire […]

5 Classic Erotica Every Book Lover Should Read

Classic Erotica Every Book Lover Should Read

Erotica is not a new book genre. While novels with lots of sex has become more mainstream, they’ve been around for quite a wild. Many of the ones on this list were considered quite scandalous when they were published. (Some still are.) Just because they’re classics, doesn’t mean they’re not worth the read. These rule-breaking […]

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