8 Books That Will Level Up Your Sex Life

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Sex is fun.

With one caveat: sex is fun if you’re doing things right. What is right for one person might be completely wrong for another. The fun is experimenting with yourself (or with a play friend) with your hands or a fun new vibrator. The exact moment when you discover that touching that spot with just the right amount pressure makes your eyes roll into your head–that discovery is what makes sex fun.

Yes with fireworks

Exploring on your own can be enlightening, but the key to become an expert is to keep learning. Who wouldn’t want to become the expert of your sex life? That’s where how-to guides and books come in.

Add these books to your reading list—and get ready to do some “studying.”You’ll become your personal sexpert in no time.

Books That Will Level Up Your Sex Life

Tickle Your Fancy by Dr Sadie Allison

Self-pleasure is the best way to improve your orgasms, so pick up a copy of Tickle Your Fancy by Dr. Sadie Allison. This fun, cheeky guide is non-intimidating for beginners and chockful of tips for the more experienced. The illustrations are pretty cool, too.

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski is on my keeper shelf. Nagoski explains the science behind arousal (and women’s brains) in a way that’s easy for us non-science folks to understand. This book explains why it can take women forever (not really, but that’s how it feels) to get “in the mood” while a sexy look can get others’ loins burning.

Tickle His Pickle by Dr Sadie Allison

If you feel the need to become a penis expert (imagine that as a job title), then you’ll want to study Tickle His Pickle by Dr. Sadie Allison. In case you can’t tell, we’re huge fans of Dr. Allison’s books. This guide channels the same fun, cheeky vibe as her other books. You’ll learn about hand jobs to blow jobs to penetration.

The Couples' Kama Sutra by Elizabeth McGrath

You might think the Kama Sutra is about sex positions, but it’s really about love and intimacy. The Couples’ Kama Sutra by Elizabeth McGrath shares how to deepen pleasure through connection and intimacy. Every romance reader knows that intimacy makes sex hotter.

Position of the Day

Trying new position totally counts as exercise. So why not try Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way from NerveThis perpetual calendar of sexual position offers 365 possibilities for your next bedroom or chair workout. There’s even space on each page to leave notes once you’ve tried them out.

Curvy Girl Sex

Let’s get real. When you’re on the curvier side, some positions are more challenging. Even worse, they don’t even hit the right spot. Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase offers tips and best positions bodacious bodies.ToyGasms by Dr. Sadie Allison

Here at Bawdy Bookworms, we’re huge advocates of adding sex toys to your fun time repertoire. Toygasms! by Dr. Sadie Allison is a must have for anyone who wants to explore the world of vibrators, butt plugs and ben wa balls. AND how to use them in new ways.

Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women

If you’re interested in backdoor play but unsure where to start, Tristan Taormino has your back with The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. (See what I did there?) You won’t be disappointed.

So now that you’ve gotten your syllabus, it’s time for homework! Who’s in?

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