5 Sex Toys Every Beginner Needs

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What are the best sex toys for beginners?

We get this question often–and it’s a good one! We love that so many of you are interested in trying out sex toys. However, with so many different toys available, choosing one or two can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Playing with sex toys should be fun. Not stressful. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together our most recommended items for a beginner’s Pleasure Stash.

Even if you’ve had more experience with pleasure products, these toys are a must have for every stash!

Note: Since the majority of our readers identify as women, we’ve chosen items that work well for female bodies.

5 Sex Toys Every Beginner Needs

Wetter is Better Lube Sampler

1 . Lubricant, preferably water based. Yes, lube totally counts as a sex toy. Ever had sex without sufficient wetness?  Not the best way to hit the Big O. Just because you are aroused doesn’t mean you’ll glisten with natural lubrication. While romance heroines are always dripping with arousal, things aren’t that simple in real life. Many factors can affect natural lubrication: hormones, medication, where you are in your cycle, dehydration.

A water based lubricant are the most versatile of all lubes. They are condom-friendly, usually won’t stain your sheets, and work well with most sex toy materials. Water based lubes are available in different viscosities and even flavors. Check out our Lube 101 for more info about different types of lubricants.

The best way to know if a lube works for you is to try it. Not sure where to start? Try our premium lube sampler.

Unicorn vibrator kit with Unihorn bullet, Unicorn lube, and kissable body dust

2. A bullet or egg vibrator. Name for its shape, these small vibes are designed for clitoral stimulation. Some are more creative like lipstick shaped vibrators or magical like the Unihorn. Bullets are a must have for every woman, especially since about 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. That’s right–it’s not penetration that does the deed.

Bullets aren’t just for clitoral play. Use them to stimulate nipples, testicles, the head of penis–anywhere you want! (Except for anal play.) Make them part of foreplay. They’re also small enough to hold onto your clit during intercourse.

Look for bullets that have multiple settings and/or speeds. For first-timers, it’s hard to gauge what intensity you want from a vibrator. Opt for more options than you think you need. There’s nothing more frustrating than being close to an orgasm and your toy won’t turn up any higher!

Fireworks to Go Kit

3. Arousal gel: This might not sound like a must-have item at first, but arousal gels and creams can be a gamechanger for your orgasms. Sometimes you need a kick to jumpstart things–especially if you’re tired but need that climax to help you relax.

That’s where gels that stimulate your most sensitive parts can help. Some creams are designed to make your clit or penis tingle with a cooling or warming sensation. Others help increase sensitivity by increasing blood flow. Most arousal gels do both. While they’re not an alternative to lubricant or foreplay, stimulating creams can increase pleasure and sensitivity, making easier for your to achieve orgasm.

Just like with lubricants, you’ll want to experiment with different types to see what you like. Try our Fireworks to Go kit–it includes a few different arousal gels, lube, and a bullet.

Lovehoney bionic Bullet Cock ring

4. Cock ring: Also called c-rings, these are usually stretchy rings worn at the base of an erect penis. The ring keeps the penis harder by slowing down the flow of blood leaving it–which makes the erection longer. The most popular cock rings have an attached vibrator, usually a bullet style toy. Pick c-ring with a removable vibe and you have 3 toys in one!

But what if you don’t have a readily available cock for your c-ring? We’re so glad you asked! Cock rings can be worn around your fingers so you can stimulate your g-spot and have a vibe on your clit. Have a boring dildo that you received as a gag gift? Put a c-ring on that baby and go to town!

Read our c-ring primer for more info about different types and uses for cock rings.

Burning Desire Valentine box

5. Rabbit-style vibrator: Even though we said early that most women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasms, it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a little internal action. That’s where these dual vibes come in. Designed to stimulate internally AND externally, they hit all your pleasure zones. (At least the ones below the belt)

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a clitoral orgasm and other times you want more. Just like sex, it’s good to have variety with your toys. Take a look at our list of recommended rabbit vibrators to find your new favorite.

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

Bonus item: Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

We cannot recommend this book enough. Dr. Emily Nagoski shows us how women’s sexuality works–in a language for the average person not just academics. You’ll learn how different factors can affect your libido and arousal. The best part is that it’s all normal. That’s right, it’s all normal.

Have a recommendation for sex toys for beginners? Leave it in the comments!

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