What The Heck Are Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa Balls in Case

Ben Whaaaat?

That was the response usually received when I whipped out a pair of gold toned, marble sized ben wa balls back in my toy party days. They were one of my top sellers.

How to use ben wa balls

How they work

Believe it or not, ben wa balls have been around for so long, no one is exactly sure when or how they were invented. I’m convinced a woman invented them. You’ll see why as you read on. Ben wa balls are small weighted balls that are inserted in the vagina to exercise a woman’s PC muscles. That’s short for pubococcygeus, but it’s hard to pronounce so let’s stick with PC muscles. In a woman, these muscles control your bladder flow and contracts during orgasm. 

Let me repeat that: PC muscles contract during orgasm.

The theory is that the stronger your PC muscles, the more intense your orgasms. Those little balls pack a punch! Of course you don’t need ben wa balls to exercise your pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises are for us gals who are too lazy to insert those balls. 

Ben wa balls may also be called: pleasure balls, vaginal beads, duo tone beads, kegel exercisers or some variation of those words.

How to use ben wa balls

While they come in different sizes, start marble sized ones. Bigger is not better in this case. First-timers should start by inserting just one of the weighted balls. Once you’ve inserted one of the balls in your vagina, squeeze your PC muscles to keep it in. Wear for 15 minute increments–don’t overtax your lady bits! Once you’re more comfortable with one ball, try two at a time.

Pro tip: If you plan on walking around with the balls inside your lady bits, wear some undies in case they fall out. Do you really want to explain why some random thing fell out from between your legs?

Removing:  If you’re worried about ben wa balls “getting lost,” they can’t. Luckily, our vaginas are not an endless tunnel. Whew! To release the balls, squat and bear down (like you’re doing a #2) and they should fall right now. Wash those babies with soap and warm water! Note: Ben wa balls are for vaginal use only. No back door action–it’s not safe.

How to use ben wa balls

Benefits of ben wa balls

  • Strengthening your PC muscles halt those embarrassing bladder leaks when you cough or sneeze. (Moms, you with me on this one, right?)
  • During masturbation or intercourse, flutter your muscles as you feel an oncoming orgasm. This can help bring you over the edge or further intensify the fireworks. YMMV, your mileage may vary with this but it never hurts to practice.

For extra credit

Enough with all the science-y stuff. What do women really use ben wa balls to do?

  • Wear them during intercourse. Your hunk will feel them rub all over his magic stick and the balls will give you some added pressure.
  • Insert the balls and go horseback riding, ride on a motorcycle or just sit on the washing machine during the spin cycle. Those little balls will vibrate every so sweetly inside you
  • Try the balls connected with a cord. Wear it when you’re getting some clitoral action and lightly tug on the cord. Be gentle, they’re not lawnmowers.
  • Ready to ace that orgasm? Try vibrating ben wa balls.

Where to buy

Some recommended stores are: Good Vibes, Lovehoney, Amazon because they sell everything.

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. I am not a doctor. Please consult your doctor if you have further questions.

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