Sexy Bedroom Games Where Everyone Wins

Sexy Bedroom Games For Couples

Sexy Bedroom Games For Couples

What are you doing this weekend? Add a little spice to your next night by playing a new game. Sex games for couples (and more!) may feel silly at first, but games are a fun, easy way to change things up. Change can be fun when you’ve been in a long-term relationship or just need something different.

Playing games can make foreplay more sensual while building anticipation for a thrilling orgasm (or orgasms). There’s an advantage to slowing things down a bit.

Types of Bedroom Games

Sexy bedroom games usually fall into three types:

  • Dice or cards are great for the nights where you don’t feel like learning a bunch of game rules. Just because the rules for these are easy to learn and play doesn’t mean you won’t have fun.
  • Secret assignments usually involved a card or scratch off that details a “mission” to act or or try on your partner. Look for ones that tell you have much prep time you’ll need in order to achieve the Big O
  • Board games fall into two types: games for couples and games for groups. They come in R-rated all the way to smoking hot, fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Some have a combination of two or more of the above. Like buying a vibrator or lube, how much you enjoy a game depends on personal preference.  Try one out and if it doesn’t work for you, move on to the next thing. Part of the fun is testing out new games!

Sexy Bedroom Games Where Everyone Wins

Ready to try a game? Here’s a few to add to your naughty list

Glow in the dark erotic dice

You can’t go wrong with the glow-in-the-dark erotic dice. One die gives commands such as lick, kiss, and blow while the other one offers body parts to act out the commands.

Strip Bedroom Blackjack

Strip poker is fun but sometimes takes too long. Give strip bedroom blackjack a try. This version contains a 52 cards that offer strip or foreplay options plus 8 wild cards. Ready to double down?

I Dare You Cards

If you prefer the mystery of sexy surprises, the luxe I Dare You Box comes with 30 sealed seductions. Just pick an envelope, tear it open, and try out what’s on the card.

Oh! Sexploration Cards

No matter what mood you’re in, the Oh! Sexploration Vouchers have you covered. Choose between Raunchy or Romantic peel back cards to reveal sweet or sexy surprises.


Sex! Board Game

Challenge your wits and your body when you play Sex! Board Game. Move around the board, answer your trivia question correctly and you’ll be rewarded handsomely.


Tie and Tease Sex Board Game

Board games aren’t just about rolling the dice and moving your game piece. Tie & Tease game come with a blindfold and cloth tie and offer 100 BDSM fantasies for your top lay out.

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