Pleasure Pairing: Worked Up by Tessa Bailey

I have the lovely ladies at Scandalicious Book Reviews to thank for this month’s Pleasure Pairing. They couldn’t stop talking about this book, so of course I had to read it.

Worked Up by Tessa Bailey

In the preface of Worked UpTessa Bailey introduced me to what she calls Pouty Man Bear, or #PMB. The book’s hero Duke is one such #PMB. He’s a massive man (we’re not just talking about his shoulders here) with a gruff demeanor but a soft, caring heart. He’s not your typical romance book hero. He’s not rich, eloquent, or muscular.  But he’s damned sexy. So much that children’s book illustrator Sam can’t stop drawing him. Nor can she keep her hands off Duke.

One big problem: Sam is the boss’ sister.

Duke knows what he wants and refuses to take “No” for an answer. Is Sam ready to let go of her family obligations to follow her heart?

Sexy Excerpt

The dirty talk in Worked Up  is superb. There’s no other way to describe it. Except for hot, sexy, and demanding. Duke has the magic touch. With his fingers, his tongue, and his glorious penis. See for yourself:

“Never thought about a woman’s clit so much in my life. Damn, sweetheart, I’ve been…needing to get to it. My dick hurts for one single woman. And there’s a little spot between her thighs that likes to be rubbed.” His harsh groan vibrated the bed. “Couldn’t sleep last night for thinking about your clit.”

Samantha’s fingers were their best to shred the comforter, and hell if that didn’t make his balls draw up even tighter. At this rate he’d cross the finish line before she did, simply from watching, tasting, smelling her. “Your hands. Oh my God, I-I…your hands.”

Judging her wet enough, Duke slipped his middle finger into her pussy. “What about them?”

“Ohhh.” Her ass lifted off the bed, making Duke curse. “They’re so rough. Like rocks. Or…”

Alarmed, Duke started to withdraw his finger, but it only made her moan. Loudly. Loud enough to be heard in the hallway, which he didn’t mend a damn bit. “You like them rough.”

“Yes.” Her enthusiasm made it a requirement for Duke to rest his head on the mattress a moment, gathering himself. Tight, willing woman. All for me. When he lifted his head again, Samantha wasted no time grabbing on, guiding him closer. “Please, Duke. Please?”

You know what they say about a guy with big fingers. Read Worked Up by Tessa Bailey to find out!

Pleasure Pairing


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