7 Glass Toys That Will Shatter Your Senses

Shatter glass

When I featured glass ben wa balls in our last Bawdy Bookworms Box, I received a lot of questions about in our Facebook group. We’d previously discussed ben wa balls before, but glass toys were new to many of us. Here’s the low down.

The first time I ever held a hand-blown glass dildo, I was equally terrified and fascinated.

Six inches long, the clear glass held mesmerizing blue inside its 1.5 inch wide shaft. Breathtakingly beautiful. As I studied its flared base, the cold glass warmed up in my hands. That’s when I understood the possibilities of glass toys.

What if it breaks?

I know what your first question is: what if the glass breaks inside of me?

Glass sex toys are made of strong borosilicate glass–the same type that’s used to make those glass bakeware. You know, like the one Aunt Mae bakes her pumpkin pie in. So unless you’re swinging your glass dildo around or banging it against a hard surface, you have nothing to worry about.

Why you should try a glass sex toy

You’ll want to add a few to your pleasure pantry and here’s why:

  1. The smooth glass surface feels amazing against your most sensitive areas. If the toy has ridges or bumps, you’ll feel it even more.
  2. The hard glass adds a unique firmness to internal and external play. A new meaning to “I like it hard.”
  3. You can warm up your toy. Imagine sliding a glass dildo heated 98.6 F. Whoa. Heat your toy safely but wrapping a warm washcloth or heating pad around it. (Do not microwave it. Test the warm against your hand before inserting.)
  4. How about chilling your toy instead? Place the toy in your fridge or let it sit in a bowl of ice water for shocking experience. (Do not place in freezer. Remember the frozen pole scene in A Christmas Story?)
  5. Glass toys are compatible with all lubricants. Lubricants make everything feel better.
  6. Clean-up is easy. Glass isn’t porous so it’s easier to wash your toys. Use a sex toy cleaning spray or stick it in your dishwasher–just make sure to empty the dishwasher first.

Glass sex toys for your pleasure pantry

Since that day ten years ago, glass toys have become more popular and affordable. They’re just as beautiful now as they were then. The only difference is that we now have more options.

Mr Swirly Glass Wand

Mr. Swirly Glass Wand is very similar to the first one I’d ever held. The raised blue swirls texture will give you heightened sensation.

Icicles No 24 Tentacle curved glass toy

Need more texture and a handle? Icicles No 24 Tentacle has plenty of speed bumps that will make external and internal stimulation exciting.

Red Head Double Glass Dildo

Focus attention on your g-spot with the elegantly curved Red Headed Double Dildo. The double sided toy gives is a two-for-one. Sold.

Glas Chili Pepper Dildo

Want a toy for your favorite foodie? Try this chili pepper glass toy. Yes, you read that right.

Glas Purple Nubby Dildo

Some call them speed bumps but they’re really oh-my-god bumps on the Purple Rose Nubby Glass dildo.

Beaded Sensual Glass Toy

Beaded Sensual Glass toy: Big bumps can be just as fun as small bumps. Why not try both?

Glas Galileo Butt Plug

Feeling adventurous? Try this space-inspired glass butt plug that suitable for beginners and those more experienced in back door play.

I hope I’ve convinced you to try out glass toys. Who says you can’t have both beauty and pleasure?

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